Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Queen of Staves

Sorry this one's a day late!  Things are getting a little crazy with the holidays!  I do have exciting news: the husband and I have finally invested in a laptop that, you know, is actually fully functional, unlike my poor dinosaur from college, which means updating while I'm away will be infinitely easier, and will probably actually happen!!  Expect to hear from me Christmas Eve!

Today's post is a Tarot post.  I've been making great progress with the Major Arcana, and might even have it all done by the new year!  That doesn't say much for when the actual booklet can be published, since the whole thing will need lay-outs, apendixes, edits, etc, but we're getting there!  Today's post is the Queen of Staves.  The queens are really wonderful cards, great for meditation.  Many feminist decks reverse the order of the King and Queen, putting her at the end of the court cards.  I don't find that necessary, but I do find it to be just as correct as putting the King last.  The Queen and King aren't heirarchicly different the way the knight and the page are; they are the masculine and feminine sides of the same fully matured coin: both display total control and comfort in the element they rule, but one approaches that energy from a feminine perspective, and one from the masculine.  This doesn't mean women can't be depicted in a king card, and vice versa.  We all carry the masculine and feminine energies within us, regardless of how our genitals look or how we self identify, and it's important for all of us to cultivate both of those energies.

The Queen of Staves

"The Queen of Staves is the great encourager.  She has taken the passionate enthusiasm of her suit, and molded it into a positive attitude that pushes us to achieve the goals and dreams we hold for ourselves, however lofty they may be.  The queen is fiercely loyal, and incredibly supportive.  If she is in your corner, you are very lucky, so it’s in your interest to awaken this queen in your own psyche.  
            The page gazes at his budding stave. The knight’s horse rears up, ready to face whatever came his way.  The queen sits stolidly, and her expression, directed not at her stave but ahead and to her left, suggests she’s fully appraising the situation before reaching a decision.  She has tempered the fire of her suit, and gold is her reward.  Of course, the queen has her shadow side.  Her fierce support can be seen in the mother who defends her son even when his drug problem threatens to derail her family.
            The lions on her throne suggest great courage, and like her feline companion, she is both independent, and devoted.  The lion can also be a symbol of sexual prowess, and indeed, what better lover than one that spurs you on to be the best you can be?  Though her yellow robes speak of optimism, her face is turned away from the yellow dunes behind her, and toward the gray hills to her left.  She may not speak negatively, but that doesn’t mean she’s blind to challenges and hardships along the way.
            If this Queen pops up in a reading, the message may be, “Be your own cheerleader!”  Or if you can’t, seek someone who can.  It may be a gentle reminder that any consort you take up with should be supportive of and positive about your lifestyle.  On the other hand, it may be a warning that you’re blindly optimistic about your prospects, or that you’re pushing those around you too hard in an effort to shape your world to the bright sunny, place you’re envisioning."

There is a rule, or a myth, depending on your opinion  out there that your first tarot deck should always be a gift.  I bought my own first deck, and had wonderful experiences with it.  The second one was a gift, and there is something special about the energy of that deck, perhaps because the friend who gave it to me is so precious to me.  If you want a deck, I say buy your own!  But, there's nothing wrong with suggesting a tarot deck as a Christmas gift, or, of course, choosing a deck that you feel will speak to your loved one as a gift to them.  Just something to think about as we get down to the very last gift-buying minute.  Don't forget I'm available to give New Year's readings all January long, and readings given as gifts to new clients come with a very merry discount!


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