Friday, December 14, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Knight of Coins

Can you believe it??  We're half-way through the Court Cards!  And I am so ready to start Major Arcanum interpretations in eight weeks.  In fact, I might be all done with the Major Arcanum by then!  Which means you might just have to wait for the book to be self-published to read those!  Hope I'm sufficiently wetting your whistle with the Minor Arcanum!  We'll the meantime, I'm really fond of this card.  The symbolism is beautiful, and easy to grasp, and it's such a helpful message.

The Knight of Coins

"The most solid and still of the knights, the knight of coins looks like he could be riding a draft horse!  And why not?  Those flashy steeds may look great galloping through a meadow, but they won’t get any real work done.  This knight is ready to be hitched to the plow.  His sense of righteousness comes from seeing what needs to be done, and accomplishing it.  The page of coins is excited about gaining applicable knowledge.  The knight of coins is excited about applying that knowledge.  
            The plowed field in the background emphasizes that fact, and also reminds us of his earthly allegiances.  Practical hard work is certainly down to earth, but more than that, this knight is concerned with taking care of his and other’s needs.  Lofty sonnets, and correcting everybody who’s wrong are all well and good, but nobody gives a damn if the restaurant hostess misspells their name; they just want to sit down and eat! 
            This is the knight to have on your side when things have to get done, even though you’d rather be doing something else.  Ever disconnected your Internet so you could actually get some work done on your computer?  Turned down a friendly invitation because you know today’s the only day you can get the house cleaned?  You were seated up on this knight’s sturdy horse."

Ok, so he's decidedly less romantic than the other knights.  Who wants their knight in shining armor to come bearing a toilet brush?  But he's the one who gets us through the day-to-day, who gets going when the going gets, well, pretty routine.  I'd show some respect if I were you.  You'll need him very soon!


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