Monday, December 17, 2012

Some Suggested Reading

There has been so much good reading going around lately.  My productive days have been shot full of holes because I couldn't resist finishing this or that article someone put up on facebook.  Which wouldn't be much of a hole, what with my being a fast reader, except most of these awesome articles contain links to other awesome articles that either served as inspiration for the article in question, or are a reply to it.  And I don' know about you, but I can't say no to compelling articles. 

There are so many big questions we as a society are (finally) grappling with at the end of 2012: LGBT rights, sexism, economic equality, violence, what the status of religion should be in our society and government, the environment...oh yeah, big year.  And I think that the only way we'll ever reach any kind of meaningful consensus and/or change where issues like these are concerned is by hashing and rehashing them out ad naseum until the majority of us can grasp the great scope, and complicated nature of each one, and from there, start building solutions that don't leave anybody's interests out in the cold.

So, in an attempt to do my part toward helping moving society in that direction, in lieu of tossing in my two cents, I'm cataloguing all the best articles I've read over the past couple weeks for you to check out.  Read.  Think.  Argue violently with your monitor.  Write your own reply!  You can always pop into the comments section here to add your own unique view of the issues at hand, or post a link to a fascinating article that I missed.  I can't promise the articles I read this week will touch on every issue that's important to you, or even that's important to me, but I hope to hit most of the highlights, and maybe you guys can fill in the blanks!

"Is Historical Accuracy a Good Defense of Patriarchal Societies in Fantasy Fiction?"

"Historically Authentic Sexism in Fantasy: Let's Unpack That"

"She Who Dies with the Most 'Likes' Wins?"

"Troublemakers: What Pit Bulls Can Teach us about Profiling"

"'Famous' Wolf is Killed Outside Yellowstone"

"No Excuses Schooling"

"Gerald Coles: KIPP Schools: Power Over Evidence"

"I am Adam Lanza's Mother"

"How ALEC Thwarts Honest Debate about Gun Violence"

"Actually, Mentally Ill People are More Likely to be Victims of Violence"

"The Primacy of Man"

"Helping Hands Also Expose a Divided New York"

"Obama's Game of Chicken"

Live Omily!


  1. Hello! In your blog post did you use the information from any extra researches or here are totally your private thought? Can't wait to hear from you.

  2. I do some research, so any objective facts I'm stating have some basis in another source, but a lot of what I write is my own opinion.

    Thanks for reading!