Thursday, December 6, 2012

Eating Omily: Your New Favourite Cook Book

Alright, guys!  Are you excited?  I promised you a book a review, and you are going to get it!  So, full disclosure, I met Candice at Namaste Yoga and Tranquility Center somewhere between a year and two years ago, and between our mutual love for cats in need, my five minute chaturanga tutorials, and my fondness for her gorgeous cook book, we hit if off.  Candice has such a big heart, and she's an incredibly dedicated and hard-working person.  Fast forward to this September, Candice was looking for some extra help launching her latest cook book, and I was only too happy to lend a hand!  Once the book launched and I got my hands on a copy, I was head over heels all over again.  Candice's recipes are so easy to follow, and feature such irresistible flavors.  AND, all of them revolve around getting the most nutrition benefits into your body as possible, without breaking the bank!  What's not to love?
Oh look, foods with benefits!  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and (Fairtrade!) semi-sweet chocolate chips!  Aren't you proud of me, Candice? ;-)
 This latest book is called Cook Yourself Sexy, and it offers a full-pantry, full-body transformation.  Now, we know that how your body looks is a result of many, many complicated factors, and no amount of clean eating will alter the bodytype Mother Nature blessed you with, which is awesome, because all bodies are beautiful for different reasons.  Candice reminds us on page one that "...genuine sexiness is all about what's underneath.  It's how you carry yourself...with confidence!"  Getting on the eating healthy, and exercising regularly bandwagon is guaranteed to make you feel your best, and that's the only way to look your best!  This ISN'T a diet book: there are two different dessert chapters, and some to-die-for pasta recipes.  It IS a book that will teach you to indulge in your favourite flavors without depriving your body of what it needs to thrive (Lemon-basil lasagna rolls, anyone??).

I've had my hands on this beauty for a couple months now, and have already mined it for party recipes (maple-glazed butternut squash), satisfying lunches (watermelon and radish salad), and breakfasts that are rich enough to make you skip dessert (pumpkin spice granola), but for this blog post I wanted to make a recipe I haven't tried before, and take pictures all along the way.   I skipped straight to Chapter 9: Veggie Mains, knowing I'd find a dinner I could put together with Farmer's Market ingredients, and test it on my unsuspecting husband.  Sure enough, on that blustery December night, Roasted Garlic-Lentil Soup looked exactly right: filled with warm, cozy flavors, and filling fiber.
This recipe started in the afternoon, when I made a run to the Farmer's Market for a couple ingredients.  Those are two of my favourite root veggies there!  Parsnips and carrots are close cousins.  Just think of parsnips as the rebel-troublemaker of the family who reforms into the sweetest, most down-to-earth veggie you'll ever meet after the heat gets turned up under him!  I couldn't find Swiss chard this time of year; too tender of a green, but I had some frozen I used, and I'm sure kale would be delicious, too. 
 Next up was preparing the garlic.  What a delicious, and beautiful afternoon!  Trust me, this one is worth making just for the aroma of roasting garlic in the house!
So delicious...and if you think these pictures are beautiful, by the way, you have to see the ones in the book!
 Nope, not crazy.  I keep my home-made stock frozen in icecubes in the freezer–super-easy to portion that way–and remember that sixteen cubes (one tray full) comes to a cup and a half of liquid.
Here's the pot of soup, coasting to a finish.  I wish you could smell it!
I garnished mine with a drizzle of really good quality extra virgin olive oil, and an extra sprinkle of seasalt.  I love topping soups that way; it makes them so luxurious!
And how did it taste?  Amazing, of course!  The rich, sweet garlic blended perfectly with the velvety lentils  We both ate two bowls.  This recipe is officially a Fall/Winter staple at our house!  I hope you're dying to get the book and try this recipe!  Every copy purchased sends money to a small, and local if you're in NYC business, dedicated to changing the world for the healthier.  It's available, for a steal might I add, on Amazon, and of course, it's a perfect Christmas gift for the foodie/aspiring health-conscious person in your life. Of course, if you're friends with me, stick with buying gift copies till after Christmas!!

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