Friday, November 9, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Page of Swords

I was hopeful I could get a post out yesterday so I would still be caught up for this week, but then I had an allergy shot appointment, an ashtanga class, a foster to pick up at the ASPCA and get settled, and an aerial class.  I am one busy bunny, guys!  Fortunately, I'm not too busy to get today's blog post out, and it should be no problem to get you one extra one next week to keep us caught up.  Today is a tarot kind of day.  We're slowly winding our way through the court cards, while I frantically search for time to work on interpreting the major arcana...thank goodness I'm posting these once a week or they'd never get done!  Today's card is the page of swords.  If you've been following the Omily tarot, you know I have a soft spot for the swords.  I feel they get a bad rap most unfairly.  Maybe I'm just partial since I'm an Aquarius, an air sign, and the swords represent the element of air.  Aquarians are seekers of the truth at any cost.  They love humanity, but don't always get along with people.  Sometimes I feel like I'm the opposite...but I think that's normal.  Anyway, those are sword traits, too, and not inherently bad ones!  Well, let's meet the page and see if he holds up to the stereotypes.

The Page of Swords

The page of swords stands on a little rise in the ground, and holds his sword in raised arms.  He might be prepared to swing, depending on which hand is dominant.  With his weight on his back foot though, he’s clearly not in an offensive posture.  He faces into the wind, ready to evaluate every idea that comes his way.  Now, personally, if I was a novice with a sword, I’d be keeping my eye on that big blade for fear of hurting myself with it, but the page of swords is brimming with confidence.  He has already grasped the fundamentals of his weapon, and is scenting the air for any other wisdom he can glean.  Indeed, he may be a little too sure of himself.  The page of swords wants knowledge he can use: to help, to hurt, or just to show off how smart he or she is.
            The page of swords tells his or her friend she’s being cheated on, and is shocked when the friend responds with anger and cuts him off.   The page of swords corrects every small mistake a professor makes, alienating her from further assistance and development.  On the other hand, the page’s bold approach may catapult him or her to the front of the class, and that friend who walked off in a huff will likely be back when she realizes she can always trust the page to be honest with her.
            A big part of learning swordsmanship is knowing when not to swing.  The page thinks he’s ready to fully control his weapon, but he may not always know when it’s best to hold off.  If you’ve ever put your foot in your mouth, you’ve been this page.  If you’ve ever thought you knew enough to put together that piece of furniture without the instructions, only to find yourself in the middle of a pile of pieces with a whopping headache, you’ve been this archetype, too.  The page is a figure brimming with the kind of keen curiosity that can all too often land you in trouble.

Now come on, who can't relate to that? I imagine my dad with a factoid up his sleeve, waiting for me to stumble into his trap so he can swing that sword for all he's forth.  Damn, foiled again.  Looks like I need to go sharpen my own weapon.  More truth, please!


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