Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Page of Coins

I've been having my fair share of page moments this week, caring for a disabled kitten for the first time.  I've learned a lot about disabilities in general, and the true meaning of 'patience.'

Sorry, Kenny just flopped over again eating lunch and had to be set back up again.  He's doing better, really, just has to break the habit of putting one paw in the food dish to stabilize it.  It stabilizes the dish, alright, but then he goes right over.  Paws out, Kenny!  No, turn your wrist the other way...that's it!  Oops, sorry, he went over again.

He's getting better, truly!  Wait, there he goes again...

While I do need the clarity of the page of swords to distinguish between when Kenny is just distracted or lazy, and when he's tuckered out and needs a break, and a cold dose of reality in the form of a reminder that we just can't know at this point how much Kenny will improve, no matter how much effort I put into working with him, those things need to be tempered with a big dose of compassion from the cups, both for him when he's having an off day, and for me when I'm having a busy day and feel like I'm neglecting him.  Of course, a dash of dreaming of the capable kitty he may one day become doesn't hurt either...

The Page of Coins

"The page of coins holds his coin by just the tips of his fingers, but his gaze doesn’t have the awe of the page of cups.  His is more the gaze of the scientist, not wanting to disturb or influence that which he studies.  And far more than just a new undergrad with a major in accounting, the page of coins can represent anyone entering a new stage of growth, or learning for practical purposes.
            The page of coins takes a no-nonsense approach to growth and learning.  The king and queen will learn to sit back and enjoy what they’ve earned, but the page isn’t there yet.  The page of coins seeks knowledge that he can practically apply.  In a reading, consider if lacking certain useful skills is holding you back.  You may also ask yourself if you’re got your nose a little too close to the grindstone.  It’s ok to take a break and enjoy the progress you’ve made, as long as you don’t lose sight of the fact that you’ve still got a ways to go.
            In a reading, consider whether you’re being warned that you lack practical information that you’ll soon have a use for.  Contrary-wise, if your pinterest is full of home remedies, and repair instructions, this card may be representing you, and letting you know it’s ok to take a break and savor your knowledge.  It may be time to put it to use before you know it!"

The best way to give Kenny the help is needs is to obtain the practical knowledge of the best kinds of therapy for him.  Thursday we'll be seeing his vet again to talk about his progress, and discussing starting hydrotherapy.  Hopefully next week will be full of new techniques to apply!


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