Monday, November 26, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Knight of Staves

I hope everybody has a delicious, colorful, rich, flavorful, healthy, and positive for the economy and environment Thanksgiving!  I know I did, and a crazy, busy, exciting one, too!

I'm just now getting my barings so I can get back to my weekly blog posts.  Lucky for me, the first one up is a tarot post, which is mostly pre-written!  Interestingly enough, while I often identify with this knight, at the moment, I feel almost the opposite: I can't wait for things to slide into a comfy and manageable routine!  I have enough on my plate with Christmas coming, without any extra adventures!  Of course, saying that has never stopped adventures from coming to my door...

The Knight of Staves
 "A fiery colored horse rears ready to charge forward.  This knight doesn’t believe in doing things by half measures.  The small red feather on the page of staves has grown into a beautiful red plume, only emphasizing this figure’s passion.  The page of coins kept his feet firmly on the ground, wanting knowledge he could apply and use.  In a similar vein, the knight of staves is determined to put his knowledge into practice, whether he’s ready, or has a good reason to, or not.
            It would behoove this character to get his horse under control and figure out his final destination before charging off into the distance.  I’m reminded of every kitten I’ve ever fostered: all enthusiasm, no brains!  Of course, sometimes a burst of passionate ambition is just what is needed to drive you forward through a rough patch or a big challenge.  This knight in shining armor is just the one you need to break you out of a prison of despair over feeling like you’ll never accomplish your whole to-do list, or pull an A in a particularly tough class.
            In a reading, consider where you need a burst of passionate energy, or perhaps where you’re charging ahead without really knowing what you’re getting yourself into, or communicating your intentions.  This knight would charge ahead with an engagement regardless of the well-founded concerns of his family and friends, or give someone a piece of his mind before fully understanding the situation.  We’ve all got him in our corner, whether he’s helping us or not, so you had better get to know him!

What do you think?  Are you feeling this energy now, or did it all get used up getting ready for Turkey Day?  You'll want it again as we get closer to the other winter Holidays, but for now, relax, and enjoy him from afar..."


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