Friday, November 30, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Knight of Cups

Happy Friday everyone!  Have you got awesome weekend plans?  There's three more performances of the Circus Nutcracker with the beautiful Megan Hornaday at House of Yes!   You should go.

Today is another tarot day (can't believe we're into the Knights already!)  The knights represent a stage of maturity marked by lots of enthusiasm, but not enough depth of understanding to apply that enthusiasm problem-free.   Teenagers, anyone?  Well, most of them turn out ok, right?  Today's card is the Knight of Cups, which is perhaps particularly teenager-like, since cups rule our dreams, intution, and emotions, energies powerfully at work in teens.  Teenagers' poetry, anyone?  Incidentally, it's none to easy to google this card these days, because some dumb movie is by the same title is set to release in 2013.  Just try finding an image of the actual card!

The Knight of Cups

"This figure moves forward slowly.  He’s seated comfortably on his steed, and the little fish that peered out of the page’s cup is decorating his tunic.  This knight’s quest is to uphold the loftier ideas of water: love, union, intuition, imagination…all the beautiful things that connect us.  The knight of cups is the one that moves us to do the right thing even when we don’t feel like it.  He rides in our sense of duty, and our urge to satisfy a higher calling.  His exposed hands make him more vulnerable, and the wings on his helmet and heels suggest he’s not satisfied with earthly standards.
            That warm feeling you get inside when you sacrifice for others is the knight of cups, applauding your efforts and patting your on the back.  If you’ve ever walked away from a relationship because the romance died, you have been the knight of cups.  Holding out for the best, in ourselves and others, may be a nice ideal, but sometimes you have to get off your high horse and accept the world for the flawed yet wondrous place that it is."

That's right, idealists (teenagers!)!  Don't stop believin', but know that you have to work with what you've got.

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