Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eating Omily: Post-Thanksgiving Plenty

Alright, guys!  It's a week since T-Day.  Are your fridge and freezer bursting?  Mine, too.

So far the best left-over treat we've had (aside from those extra pieces of chocolate-pecan pie!) has been something I've dubbed 'Thankful for Leftovers Soup'.  You can just call it spiced turkey soup with sweet potatoes and kale, if you're not into the cutesy name thing.

I started with a base of fresh garlic and onions, then added lots of kale, and let that wilt.  Meanwhile, I chopped up my left-over baked sweet potatoes.  Some of them were very tender, and others were still a bit al dente.  Once the kale was ready, I added a dash of curry powder, and smoked sweet paprika, and plenty of salt.  Then I added some of the stock I had made from our turkey carcass.  (I made close to a gallon of soup, and gave away close to another gallon in frozen cubes, and the stock is still taking over our lives!  A twenty-pound turkey makes a lot of stock!)  I added the stock, brought the soup up to a boil, added the cut up sweet potatoes, and a few handfuls of shredded turkey meat, and let everything get bubbling hot and delicious.  The very tender sweet potatoes dissolved and added a velvety texture and background flavor to the soup, while the al dente ones stayed in whole pieces to be eaten with the turkey and the kale.  Along with a couple left over whole wheat rolls, we had quite a delicious dinner, and an easy lunch for the husband to take to work all week!
The next day I found a tupperware of left over spaghetti squash in the back of the fridge.  I reheated it and served it with shredded turkey, left over roasted brocolli, and plenty of freshly grated Farmer's Market cheese.  It took about five minutes to throw together, and thanks to the cheese, still tasted fresh and delicious.

Of course, I've also enjoyed reheating my famous pumpkin soup with  cran-apple relish for lunch, and the occasional turkey sandwich, with cranberry sauce and truffled brie, on a roll.  We're nearly through all the broccoli, and of course, we're keeping most of the turkey meat in the freezer at any given time.  That way we can take turkey breaks when we get tired of it!  Maybe we'll get those mashed potatoes eaten tonight.  I'm never sure what to do with the stuffing, but thankfully there's not a whole lot of that left over.  I've heard you can pour hot broth over it for a kind of Thanksgiving take on motzah ball soup, so maybe that will be my lunch today, along with the last of the left-over broccoli!

Are you working your way through your leftovers?  Trying to give them away?  Panicking they're all going to go to waste??  Take deep breaths, and get creative!  Soup is the easiest way to rejuvenate flavours, and if you didn't make stock, you can always use extra herbs and spices and water, or buy store-bought veggie stock, if you'd rather.  Think of it as a vacation from cooking and shopping.  Our fridge probably won't run out until next week!

I'll be back for my next Eating Omily Post with an overdue review of a recipe from Candice Kumai's newest cook book: Cook Yourself Sexy!  This book is the perfect gift for people in your life wanting to commit to a healthier lifestyle, but without the tools and information they need to do it. Candice has such a fun, and positive voice, and her recipes are accessible for beginners, but delicious and beautiful enough to impress seasoned home chefs.

Till then, enjoy your turkey!

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