Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Ten of Cups

Miss me?  Last week was extra busy with Candice Kumai's incredible book release dinner and after party taking center stage.  I already told you to buy Cook Yourself Sexy, right?  If you love cooking, and using sneaky switches to make extra yummy food better for you, you will not be sorry!  I might have stood a chance at getting another post up, but I was also carving out time to spend with my beautiful inside-and-out friend, Emily, who lives in LA.  We had such a great time eating vegan chocolate and reminiscing, laughing at odd paintings in Union Square dive bars, playing with my kitten...miss her already!

I'm going to kick off this week with an Omily Tarot Post (which you already know since you read the title), and then get back on track with Omily, and Eating Omily posts on Wednesday and Thursday.  That means a post every weekday from now till next Tuesday, so tune in to get all caught up!  Thanks for sticking around and checking out the archives in my absence.  You guys rock!

The Ten of Cups
"Maybe these ten cups belong to this entire family, or perhaps only one has come into this good fortune, but you wouldn’t know it for the signs of joy on display.  The children dance, and the couple open their arms to embrace the beauty before them: ten cups arched overhead in a beautiful rainbow.
In the 9 of cups, we reveled in what we had accomplished, enjoying it even to excess.  There’s a sense of joy, and soaking it all in here, too, but the biggest difference is that in this card, the joy is shared with others. Ultimately, dreamy, emotional cups remind us of what our intuition knew all along: that we are all united, all connected, whether we’re family, lovers, or not.  Success and joy for one are success and joy for all. 
Instead of standing on a lovely tablecloth blocked by the man who owns them, these cups stand in a glowing rainbow, a sign and a gift to all.  If you can dream of what success means to you, why should your dream be selfish, or exclusive?  Triumph in the cups means triumph for all.  If you have enemies, they’ve only excluded themselves from the celebration, and in this moment, they can’t take away what you’ve accomplished.  It’s ethereal and safe in the sky.
Of course, a rainbow is a magical, rare occurrence, and it doesn’t last long.  Joy is a fleeting thing, and clutching onto it is a sure way to lose it to anxiety.  Let this triumph and celebration fill your heart and sustain you for your next journey."

Don't you love a really happy card?  This one reminds me that the best way to enjoy bliss is in the moment, resisting the urge to hold on, or worry about whats coming next.  Maybe kind of like this guy...? Sorry, I know it's really old...but under the circumstances, I couldn't resist!


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