Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Page of Staves

I know it's been a crazy couple weeks of catch-up, but we're almost there!  AND, today, we begin our exploration of the court cards.

The court cards are the sixteen cards in the deck most disposed to stand in for an actual person, the querent or someone else, in a reading.  I find that in most of my readings, for whatever reason, they don't stand for a specific person, but many people find the opposite to be true.  The important thing, as always, is to take each card in each reading on a case by case basis and be open to all possible interpretations.

The Page of Staves
The page holds his wand out in front of him, and stares intently up at the top.  He doesn’t want to be stuck at the bottom of the totem pole for any longer than he has to.  The fiery feather climbing out of his third eye chakra confirms that he sees growth and success for himself in the none too distant future.  The salamanders on his coat suggest that he can handle the fire of this high-pressure period of steep learning curves just fine.
            His curiosity gives his passion direction, which may explain why he seems a little steadier than the knight, who has the answers, and is in a big hurry to make use of them.  If you’re feeling like the page of staves, take his advice, and let curiosity be your guide.  The more you can learn about the enterprise you’re beginning, the better off you’ll be!
            In a reading: think of the five-year-old who’s had his or her book bag packed by the door for weeks before the first day of school, the person who researches the business he’ll be starting to work for soon to give him an edge.  The fiery wands can represent spiritual growth, as well as ambition in other quarters.  This card may represent someone preparing to celebrate Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Confirmation, or it may point to something more organic: have you been considering plumbing the spiritual depths of your heart?  Do you feel too inexperienced to contribute to a conversation?  Take a cue from the Stave’s fiery spirit: listen closely, then jump in!

 We all have each of the court cards inside of us.  As we explore each one, take the time to connect with this archetype in your personality.  You may feel proud of the attributes of some cards, and ashamed of others.  It's crucial to work with your shadow side, and find healthy ways to accept and work with these energies.  Good luck!


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