Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Page of Cups

We cruised right through Sandy with electricity, water, internets, and cell phone service in place.  Of course, I'd gladly trade all three for working subways, and the Halloween parade, but since so many people were far less lucky, I can't really complain.  At least blogging gives me a little something to do!  Today I'd like to introduce you to anther special young person of the tarot:

The Page of Cups
The page holds a cup of water before him. He cocks his head at it in curiosity. Though curiosity could be said to fuel all of the pages in their quest for knowledge and skill concerning their elements, it may come to the fore with the page of cups. Of course, I’d be curious about my cup of water too, if a little fish poked his head out of it! If you’ve ever scoffed at someone’s feelings, including your own, the page of cups is quick to point out that there’s more in them than meets the eye. Better have a little more respect. The lotuses on this figure’s tunic suggest the ability to grow above your turbulent emotions, a skill that won’t be mastered until the king and queen. The sea behind the figure points out that there’s a lot more out there than can be examined in a single cup. And if there’s a fish in your cup, just imagine what could be in the whole ocean!
If you’ve ever had a hunch that turned out to be right, then wanted to figure out how you knew, you’ve encountered the page of cups. If you’ve ever explained a phenomenon of nature to a child, watched his or her eyes light up, and then been forced to answer more questions than you can count, you’ve encountered the page of cups. There is an emotional connection to learning or understanding here, a sense of awe, and magic. The page of cups wants knowledge for the love of it.
Of course, the page of cups often speaks of matters of the heart. Perhaps he bears a message along with that cup of water. Love is coming your way; keep a sharp eye! He may also suggest that you know less about your situation than you think you do, so careful scrutiny is required as you move forward.
The page of cups is a powerful ally to channel with you need to connect to your life-long love of learning and discovery.  In even the most painful or challenging situations, approaching your circumstances with curiosity can prove an unexpectedly effective balm.

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