Monday, September 10, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Nine of Cups

Another week is beginning.  Can you hear it?  A rumble?  A vibration?  The rocket I'm sitting on appears to be firing up.  Further evidence?  I've been up two nights in a row with anxiety in spite of anti-anxiety tinctures, and doses of yin herbs.  Too much fire afoot...

Give yourself a gold star if you thought, "Fire+beginnings...ACE OF STAVES!!!"  if not, don't fret; just go review the rest of my tarot posts!  Or just wait for them all to be published together!  Thankfully we're all about to get doused in some nice, dreamy, watery cups, and the number nine no less.  You'll find out some day just how significant the number nine is.  For now, let's just say that when you're burning with beginnings, the ultimate relief is to dream of endings.

The Nine of Cups

           "Instead of bandages, and beleaguered demeanor, this figure sits in front of his bounty, displayed in a row behind him like trophies on a lovely blue tablecloth.  He’s dressed richly, befitting someone of his status.  He’s got a right to be proud of his accomplishments, and the fact that he seems comfortable relaxing, not even keeping an eye on his beauties is perhaps a relief, but is it just me, or is he enjoying the envy his riches provoke more than his riches themselves?  

In the arenas of dreams, emotions, and love, it can be tricky to really appreciate what you’ve accomplished for yourself.  Watching others react to your status may be the easiest way to enjoy your achievements, but you’re missing out on enjoying what you have for yourself, and making yourself happy based on someone else’s lack is not the nicest way to get happy.  Stop taking your stable relationship for granted and live it, instead of reveling in your single friend’s jealousy.  You don’t need to tell everyone all the time how happy and content you feel lately; you can just enjoy it.
Our hero has earned the right to enjoy the good things his risky journey in the last card has brought him, but if he does it in a way that will alienate others, he’s not likely to achieve the cup’s final happy ending, or be in a good position for his new beginning."

So gloating excessively is a big no-no...but the story changes entirely if he'd just turn his chair around enjoy his cups for his own sake!  There's no need to downplay or self-depricate.  Just be happy without needing anyone else to validate it.


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