Monday, September 24, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Nine of Coins

Happy taroting, kids!  I've begun the the Major Arcana interpretations, but I haven't gotten far because things are really clipping along in other areas of my life.  I promise my Tarot Interpretations Zine will be out before too long, and I promise it will be worth it!!  What's keeping me so busy?  Well, for one thing, The No Holds Barred Variety Show!  Come see amazing acts of art and brilliance in a black box theatre in Soho, including yours truly in a beautiful aerial act.  Buy your tickets in advance and save a couple bucks!  In the meantime, today we have, 

The Nine of Coins

            "A woman tests a coin on the vine for ripeness.   She is dressed richly, and is clearly not worried about the coins: her attention is turned to the flashy pet on her hand.  The bright yellow sky speaks of still better things to come.  Backed up by this kind of wealth, this woman is utterly secure in her position.
Remember the fabulous wealth and comfort promised by the coins if you put in the elbow grease?  The nine lets you know that you’ve done it.  You’ve put the work in, and things will coast along to their natural, wonderful conclusion.  Let yourself relax and enjoy the finer things that come along with the success you’ve earned.  The down to earth and practical coins don’t get hung up on worrying about someone taking their success like the staves, or needing others to appreciate it for them like the cups, and they certainly don’t bite off more than they can chew and get bogged down by getting what they asked for like the swords.  They are in their element enjoying the good things of this life.  Think of a cat stretching out luxuriously in a sunbeam.  You can give it the bad eye all you want, you can’t make that cat feel guilty for not earning its keep.  It’s utterly confident of its place in the world, and the nine of coins points to the same level of self-assuredness. 
On the other hand, this card could be read entirely differently: the woman could be seen as blocked in by her wealth or status.  In this view, she gazes bitterly at her bird, free to fly away at will, unlike herself.  Success and wealth can be stifling: as the new manager, it’s not ok for you to gripe about the boss with your co-workers anymore.  Your excitement about your improved grades may be dampened by the realization that now your parents won’t be satisfied with less.  It comes down to whether you feel worthy of or ready for your success.  And if you don’t, how can you bring yourself up to that level?"

This is the perfect card for me today!  I'm totally ready for my performance this evening, and I'm really looking forward to getting up there, and just enjoying the hell out of it!  Hope to see some new faces there!  Happy Taroting!


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