Friday, September 14, 2012

Eating Omily: Signs of the Season

Kids are back in school, our white pants are put away...depending on your stand on that issue, new crops of pears and apples are starting to make an appearance.  People been crying 'Fall' for weeks, but I took one look at the stands overflowing with heirloom tomatoes and begged to differ.  Fat eggplants, sweet corn...I was still reveling in the dreams of summer.  And, happily enough, those things will keep rolling in for another few weeks, but even though it's still a week till the 21st, I'm willing to call it Fall now.

Why?  Well, there's the fact that I wore jeans for the first time since May this week, there's the fact that I've stopped leaving the house without cramming an extra layer into my purse...those sweet, tender bartlett pears are pretty convincing, too, but those things aren't what did it.  This is.
The first Winter Squash of the season, on September 10th.  This pretty little fella is an acorn squash, and I cannot wait to cut it in half, scoop out the seeds, roast it till tender, and then fill it up with warm, hearty kidney bean that it's Fall in Omily Land, I cannot wait to break out the mulled wine, those little candy pumpkins, the tours of New York's haunted hot spots, costumes, parties, changing leaves...Fall is definitely one of my favourite seasons.  I'd say it's in my top four!  (Whatever season it is at the time is always my favourite.  Except summer.  By the end of summer I am nine kinds of over it.)

I could go on about Fall recipes, and cozy sweaters...but why would I do that when I'm just a couple of hours away from Summer's last hoorah with friends on the Jersey Shore?  The acorn squash can wait till I get back.  And hopefully you can, too!

It's just a little over a week till my next aerial performance, entitled: Unconditional Love Party.  You do not want to miss this.  Come to No Holds Barred at Dixon Place!  Here's my personal event page, where attendees will be getting some special advance notice preparation for my piece!  Get in the loop, guys!

Get your hands on some pumpkin spice flavours...and while you're at it, take that latte to the Farmer's Market and get yourself some yummy tomato action while you still can!


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