Friday, September 7, 2012

Eating Omily: Good News!

What a Summer it's been, and it's not over yet!  I'm still hoping to make blueberry jam, and dill pickles before the produce avalanche flees for another year, but I won't be heart-broken if I don't manage.  I spent Labor Day laboring with my husband, and our good friend Rebecca, of Sapientia Oscen hauling home fifty pounds of San Marzano tomatoes from Central Valley Farms at the Farmer's Market, and then canning all but a single layer at the bottom of the second case.  We ended the day with eighteen quart jars, and we would have had twenty-one if a couple of older ones hadn't broken in the canner!
The boxes of tamotoes smelled amazing on the train ride home!
The tomatoes have to be boiled for a minute, then plunged into icewater, so the skins can easily be peeled off.
One case down, and one to go!  That's my weird kitty.
We filled the jars as we went, which saved a little time over last year!
Duel canners!  It still took us five hours or so to finish up.
Foster kitty Oola playing in the box tent Rebecca arranged.
You might think that's quite enough adventure for one week, but no, it gets better.  On Wednesday I discovered a new Farmer's Market!  That's right, Park Slope/Windsor Terrace Crowd, on Wednesdays, you can pick up farm-fresh goodies at Bartel Pritchard Square, just outside the 15th St./Prospect Park stop on the F/G.  I picked up a big, beautiful watermelon that day, along with a loaf of wholewheat sourdough, the husband's favourite.
Finding a new conveniently located Farmer's Market is just like Christmas!
Aside from a huge variety of fruits and veggies, and my favourite baked-good purveyer, Bread Alone, look what else you can find there!
Fresh, local seafood.  I'm so excited to not have to carry this all the way home from Union Square!
Looking to compliment your brunch mimosa?  Just don't forget to actually buy a bottle once in a while!  You and your guests will appreciate it as much as the vendors!

I'm convinced programs like these will fix our broken food system, and have far-reaching consequences for public health, healthcare costs, the local economy, and the cycle of poverty: for every $5 of welfare or foodstamps a person spends on fresh fruits and veggies at the Farmer's Market, they get a $2 voucher for MORE Farmer's Market Produce!
After all that fun Wednesday, I took the last of the San Marzanos out of the box, and gave them a good rinse in preperation for drying.  I just love these little tomatoes.  Look at those beautiful shapes!
Here they are all cut in half.  They get tossed with oil, and dried on baking trays cut-side up for 6-8 hours at 250 degrees.  They taste so much better than store-bought dried tomatoes!
 And last thing: I couldn't resist sharing a picture of my delicious Summer breakfast yesterday: peaches and cream oatmeal.  The peaches were left-over blanched and halved peaches that wouldn't fit into the jars of brandied peaches I made, and the cream is 1% organic milk.  Such a yummy breakfast, especially after I stirred it all up and sprinkled brown sugar on top!  Peaches are great chopped up into pancakes, too.
Maybe I'll see you at Bartel Pritchard next Wednesday!  I'll be the girl with the euphoric expression, crazy hair, and Trader Joe's insulated bag.


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