Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Eight of Swords

Sorry for the delay; I was busy hustling all over the city with a clowder of cats.  We're back on schedule today with the Omily Tarot, and we're up to the eight of swords.  I'm still knocking my court card interpretation into shape, but rest assured, we'll be ready to move forward with them before we get to the ten of coins!  I'm not sure what interpreting the major arcana will look like.  That will be a whole new can of worms, but I'm looking forward to it, and obviously I'm really excited about wrapping up all the interpretations, and prepping the zine for production...

The Eight of Swords
"A woman stands, bound and blindfolded, in the darkness.  Her back is to a row of swords stuck in the ground, but there appears to be nothing blocking her forward passage.  A rivulet of water flows around her feet.  It looks like it’s finally happened: all those firm and inflexible truths this character has been trying to carry around have seemingly trapped her. 
Perhaps this is the same female figure we saw heading off for a better place in the
boat on the six.  If so, she doesn’t seem to have found it.  What went wrong?  She may have taken on too many of another’s truths without fully evaluating their usefulness, and now those truths are shaping her destiny in ways great and small.   Maybe she left that party in the sevens too soon, and was accosted by criminals, or her solo 8 of cups journey has resulted in her being vulnerable to attack.
Her toes dabble in a trickle of water that just might be her salvation.  If she can get in touch with her feelings and intuitions, she stands a better chance of choosing which truths serve her and which don’t.  After all, if she’d only take her blindfold off, she’d see she’s not imprisoned at all, but needs only to move forward to escape, unhindered.  If she doesn’t, here she’ll stay.
In a reading, you may feel strapped into a situation that’s not going in the direction you thought it would be.  It might feel too late, like you just need to put the blinders on and suck it up, but you always have choices: open your heart, and your eyes, and see them.  If you just invested time and money in a career you’re discovering you hate, explore similar fields this experience may serve you in.  Don’t give up!"

This also may be a card of biting off more than you can chew.  It's looking a bit too familiar after heading home from the ASPCA with four kittens under my care.  In this case the message is the same, though: the only thing keeping you trapped is you.  Take back control of your life.  It's your choice to be the victim, but it's a disempowering choice that won't serve you.  Don't skip the small things because you want to do big things.  I'm convinced the little things make the difference, if only by laying the groundwork for the big things later on.


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