Monday, August 6, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Eight of Staves

You guys ready for Monday?  Bet you don't need to draw a tarot card to figure that one out!  Lucky for you, we will be, anyway!  Welcome to the Omily Tarot.  We've been winding out way slowly but surely through the whole deck, one week at a time.  When we finish up, a long while from now, all the interpretations will be put together in a professionally designed zine available for purchase on my website.  I'm super excited about that, and frankly it would probably be done by now if it weren't for the serious progress I'm making on other projects.  I'll get 'er done; promise.

What card are we on today?

The Eight of Staves
"The first stave since the ace to be devoid of a human figure! Part of each stave is blocked by the left side of the card.  The staves reach across the card to the right, and down on a diagonal.
This may be because you are the actor in this drama, and there’s no use deflecting onto another.  The previous cards were about learning to work with others, but that doesn’t equate to abdicating your responsibilities.  Are the staves hurling onto the scene?  You’ve set them in motion, and already gravity is taking over.  Are they stretched out over a void, poised to form a contact or bridge?  It’s up to you to see that they get the rest of the way there, and with eight of them to manage, I hope you learned your cooperation skills well.  You will likely need help to manage such a tricky landing. 
By reaching from the sky down toward the earth, these staves could symbolize the connection you’re trying to forge between your everyday life, and the divine.  The staves reach down toward you.  The last stage of your journey is all on you: can you reach up to forget the connection? 
The land in the distance is a beautiful, brilliant green.  Conditions are ripe for you to reach the lofty goals you set for yourself.  Are you up for the challenge?  Well, come on!  Don’t get cold feet now!  Jump!"

All too often when the cards send a message like this, our response, mine included is, "Wait, I'm not ready!!!" But the vast majority of big transitions and risks in this life are taken not because we are ready, but because it is time.  We live our lives by jumping, and building our parachute on the way down.  Better get used to it now.  Is it time for you to get brave a take a leap without knowing how it will turn out?  Let the fiery passion of the Staves give you courage, and and a whole lot of nerve.  You'll need it.


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