Monday, August 13, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Eight of Cups

Good Monday Morning!  It's time for a tarot post.  We're climbing up a spiral of sorts through the numbered cards: starting from the ace of staves, and progressing to the ten of coins.  That imagery has really been intriguing me as I work out how I want to produce my tarot interpretations zine later on.  I promise I'm making progress, guys!  It's coming along slower than I initially thought, but that's because of all the other awesome stuff I have going on.  Talitha Koum!

Today's card is the eight of cups.  This is a card that is a little bit confusing for me in light of my tarot interpretation system.  The eight is fairly close to completion, and yet in this card, the figure walks away from progress, and appears to be starting all over by the light of an observing moon.  What does it mean???

Eight of Cups

"Eight cups are stacked in the foreground.  An empty space awaits the next cup, but unlike the four, it’s not in sight.  Dark, craggy mountains reach up in the distance, out of still, rocky waters.  The moon gazes down impassively.  Our hero, clad in passionate red, walks away from the cups, toward the treacherous mountains.
Our cups journey may have felt like going through high school as a fickle lover: in a relationship, out of one, getting childish, starting over, re-evaluating old dreams…but learning how to evaluate relationships carefully, and how to not only function, but grow and thrive both within them and without them, is a crucial cups lesson.    Our figure has realized that something is missing.  The only way to achieve full emotional maturity, fully ripened intuition, complete comfort and control of his emotions, is to set off alone.  Perhaps someone to share these cups with is the thing he’s searching for.  He may have tarried too long in the cozy land of dreams; it’s after dark now.   The risks of a solitary journey are greater at this time, but theoretically you’ve made peace with vulnerability by now.
He moves over green earth, and in his hand he holds a walking stick-a stave?  Drive and ambition apart from the current or next lover is necessary to achieve the growth that will make relationships meaningful and potentially permanent.  With it in hand, our hero is set to march onto the end, assuming he doesn’t take a bad tumble on those dark rocks.  Is he walking away from a good thing, taking a risk that he’ll lose it all?  Perhaps, but those final two cups aren’t going to grow legs and walk into the scene to take their places.  Consider your motives carefully.  You should have evaluated your options and made a solid choice in the last card.
In a reading, this card can stand in for having second thoughts: in the seven, you were faced with many choices.  The eight can be about doubting the choice that you made.  You’ve got to have the courage to look within, and see if your doubt, and your urge to backtrack, is well-founded, or not.  Even if you have made a bad choice, you may be better off living with the consequences, instead of trying to go back and fix it at this point.  Transferring colleges is a major undertaking that will likely result in wasted time and money.  When the first dark night descends, we all wish we hadn’t ended things with our significant other a little bit.  Contrariwise of course, this card can also represent the courage needed to face great challenges to find true fulfillment in your life.  Nighttime and the moon represent looking within, reflecting, and a certain degree of passivity.  Before you march off, take your time evaluating."

Oh, alright, then.

You might think that it's easier to evaluate your motives by the light of day, but I'll bet you know the truth deep down: sure, you can see better by the light of day, but the fiery sun wants you to act, instead of reflect.  When you lie down for the night and stop acting is when the truth is apt to come out.  I can't believe we're this far along on our tarot journey!  I hope it's led you to beautiful moments of self-discovery.  Now's the time to practice and make mistakes.  When we get to the major arcana, the stakes are going to go way, way, up.


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