Monday, August 27, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Eight of Coins

Me and the tarot are having a bit of a standoff right now: I want answers, and she's being cryptic.  Well, more cryptic than usual.  Tempting as it is to keep reshuffling, rephrasing my question, and drawing more cards, when this happens, it's time to walk away.  The answers I seek have to be found the hard way.  That's probably the most important lesson of the tarot:

It can be provide so much insight, guidance, and direction.  It can be an invaluable tool.  But there are times when the tarot won't tell you a damn thing, because the time is not right, because you already know the answers, because you're doing readings instead of doing the shit you have to do, because you'll use whatever card you draw to tell yourself what you want to many reasons.

So, Tarot Lesson Numero Uno: Know when the put your deck away.

That said, you can pull your deck out for right now; it's Tarot Monday!  I've been carefully whipping the court cards into shape, and they're almost ready to make their debut in less than two months!  Are you guys getting excited for the major arcana?  Frankly, I'm nervous.  I feel on very steady ground working with the innate symbology of the minor arcana, but the major arcana is so much more complex and deep...I've got some time to work on it, but it could easily get away from me if I don't keep my nose to the grindstone.  Speaking of which, here we go!

The Eight of Coins
8 of Coins

"The eights may be charging forward, but practical coins insist, ‘slow and steady wins the race!’   This figure works hard at creating wealth for himself, and if he shares the impatience or burn-out of the figure in the seven, he doesn’t show it.  Unlike the swords, who are totally overwhelmed by the loose ends they failed to tie up, he has chosen to take control of whether he has the resources he desires or not, and make that final push for home, and he’s already getting results. 
The eight of staves suggest throwing everything you’ve got into the final effort and crossing your fingers, going for force over control-no surprise there.  The cups concur with coins that if you want it done right you’ll have to do it yourself, though practical coins prefer results-driven task to whimsical wanderings.  The coins promise that if you’re willing to do the legwork, you will get what you want, and this character has taken them up on that offer. 
Already the proof appears to be in the pudding: 6 beautiful, round coins, and two more on the way!  But why are these being built of materials, instead of being the inevitable bounty of nature?   It’s a truth recognized since the first book of the bible: the natural generosity of the earth is limited to the degree that you’re willing to put your effort into it.  Between the natural blooming of the harvest, and this man’s willing efforts, his rewards will be great indeed.
If you get this card, it may be a pat on the back for putting the work in to get what you want, or it might be reminding you that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.  Lots of people want a job, but the people who get them are the ones who don't give up after the first few interviews don't work out.  Take your time, take pride in your work, and people are bound to notice."

Me and the earthbound pentacles don't always mesh so well: I prefer to fly high in the clouds, thanks, surrounded by intuition, imagination, and the powers of my sharp mind for routing out the truth.  What this means, of course, is that the coins lessons are ones I need to work on: patience, focus, groundedness, and knowing when I'm trying to do too much at once.  Curse you, two of coins!! (How can I be so wise, and so dumb at the same time?) Do you struggle with slow and stable coins, or do you relate to that practical, nurturing energy?  Which suit's energy do you clash with?


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