Friday, July 27, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Seven of Coins

Hello everyone!  It's Friday, which is the new tarot day, which is exciting!!  We're back to our regularly scheduled program of offering an interpretation for a card from the Waite-Smith deck every week, leading up to my dropping the loverly zine containing them all for purchase on the website.  Let's get cracking!  What card's up for today?

The Seven of Coins
  "A young man in orange and blue pauses to lean on his hoe, gazing at a rapidly ripening bevvy of coins.  You’d think he’d be thrilled with his progress, but he looks a little glum.  Do some of those leaves look a little brown?  Has there been enough rain?  Are the coins as big as they ought to be?  Carefully assessing the practical side of a situation has certainly served the coins well so far, but stepping forward on the path, there comes a time when you have to trust that you’ve done enough, and from here, nature will do the rest.  Endless fussing and refining of the plan amounts to little forward motion, and the time to pick up some momentum has come. 
Don’t get tired of the hard work yet, when the reward is so close!  You may feel entitled to a break, especially after giving so generously at your high point in the six of coins, but no one can hurry along the harvest celebration.  In the seven of staves, we saw an opposite attitude of grim determination to win at all costs. The seven of cups suggested a break to dream of what completion will look like, which may be all our discouraged young man needs, but on the other hand, his vines may need hoeing.  The swords certainly suggested striking while the iron’s hot, but a moment’s contemplation, as is depicted here, might have led to a different course of action.   A moment to weigh your needs against the needs of your project’s, and the best way to satisfy both may be warranted, but don’t tarry too long.  Take things one step at a time, and trust that everything will be ready when the time is right.
In a reading, ask yourself where you’re losing momentum.  Maybe you jumped into something without fully evaluating if it was right for you.  Maybe it’s just tougher or taking longer than you thought, and you’re dying for a break.  Maybe you just need a moment away to reset your brain, so you can return to the project fresh.  They say you learn the most the first ten minutes, and the last ten minutes of a study session, so it only makes sense to take (short!) breaks every twenty minutes.  You might be entitled to a vacation, but consider your timing: if you leave your boss in a lurch, you’ll lose the good standing your hard work has earned you so far.  If you made a mistake in pursuing this relationship and need to walk away, then do it, even if that means walking away from the altar."

Just looking at the image alone can make you think of sour grapes (pun intended).  Negative thinking can be so toxic to our lives and our plans.  Obviously we need to be realistic and address problems as they arise, and it can be even better to prevent problems, but sometimes that comes at the cost of constant worrying, which is bound to slow down your progress.  Try to look at things objectively, putting aside all the baggage that comes with knowing how much effort you've put into something, and the consequences that will come if it doesn't work out.  Work with what's in front of you, and not what you want to be in front of you, or fear will be in front of you.  That's the way to the health, wealth, and happiness of the coins.


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