Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Omily Tarot: Pick a Card

So our back-up service doesn't want to let us access our files today, so I can't download my tarot interpretations.  No worries, they'll be back in no time!  In place of that, I picked a random card from my Waite-Smith deck, and I'll interpret the card based on my situation.
I think I'd be better off NOT having a huge sword in my hand when dealing with my sardonic sister...or at least she would.  Am I the one holding the sword?  My intuition says, yes, so we're going with that.

The queen of swords is sworn to uphold the ultimate truth, sometimes regardless of the consequences.  Sometimes I feel more like the king: trying my best to find the truth that best fits the individual and the situation.  Maybe I'd be better off if I quit worrying about making sure everything makes sense and fits together, and just let life be the complicated multi-truth playground that it is.  Especially when talking with a 13-year-old, I doubt other people's ability to deal with that, but who am I to decide what they're capable of, really?

Of course, the truth can also really hurt, and as the queen, it's important that I'm aware of the power I have, especially where my words are concerned.  That sword serves best when it's cutting through the bullshit and making people see things as they really are.  If my words aren't serving that end, then maybe I should put my sword aside.  I certainly don't always feel like the queen, situated high above the clouds of confusion, but maybe I'm letting myself get dragged down into the incredibly confusing realm of the 13-year-old, instead of holding on to my additional 12 years of education and life experience, and trying to help her rise up to my level.  Maybe I need to try communicating with her on her level, instead of trying to work on hers.

I fear that it's not possible to be honest, and cut through those clouds without wounding her along the way.  Is that an inevitable and acceptable consequence?  Was I mistaken at the beginning?  Maybe I should just let my mom be the queen.

Or maybe the ultimate truth I'm supposed to be holding before my eyes at all time is the fact that I remember being 13, and it sucked.  And if any person is difficult or unkind, it is always because they are unhappy.  If I can always remember to treat her like someone who is unhappy, and not someone whose goal in life is to drive me insane for the brief time I'm here, maybe I can access a touch of the queen's mastery over the domain of thoughts and words.  I can't ultimately keep her from hurting; it's up to her to learn that she controls her own feelings regardless of whats going on around her.  On a certain level, it's not productive to attempt damage control and be caught up in the possibility of hurting or confusing her, because life is a confusing place, and sometimes it hurts.

So, the advice of the queen of swords is:

When dealing with my sister, I must strive to remember that she's confused and hurting, not malicious.

And, I should try to impart in whatever small way I can the ultimate truth that she's in charge of how she feels, and as long as she gives that power away by blaming other people for her moods, she'll never achieve queen-hood.

As long as I'm doing those two things, I should work at being honest, instead of worrying about my words being potentially hurtful.

It's a shame I didn't pick a card we'd already interpreted, so you could compare that interpretation with what happens when you apply an interpretation to a reading, but we'll get to the Queen of Swords soon enough.  Enjoy!

Live Omily,

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