Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Seven of Swords

The cards are flying by!  Are you getting ready for the court cards?  They're not too far away...today we're working with the seven of swords, which is a very sneaky card.  I'm working on fleshing out and organizing my court card interpretations, and I've started sketching out descriptions of the Major Arcana, so things are moving along smoothly toward the happy day when they're all done, and I can offer you the whole interpreted deck in a beautiful zine.  Yay!

Let's get on with it...

The Seven of Swords
7 of Swords

            "In this card, a figure tip-toes away from colorful tents, five swords in hand and two more close by.  Though the six of swords suggested awareness and a level of compassion for others, the seven suggests abandoning that tact with an attitude of winner-take-all.  Our hero still hasn’t abandoned a single sword, unless you count the one that must still be stuck in that boat. 
The swords know enough to leave a good party, symbolized by those brightly colored tents, in search of the true goal, but taking all their wisdom and experience with them, instead of sharing it out, isn’t going to win them many friends, or many competent allies.  Objective, airy swords may have a hard time connecting to others and trusting them on an emotional level, and their brute honesty can alienate those who would otherwise be helpful.  Perhaps this figure crept out while his fellow party-goers were dreaming of good things with their eyes shut, as in the 7 of cups.  While this is the only other sword card that suggests motion, it’s also motion in the opposite direction the boat was going in the last card.  Maybe know-it-all swords couldn’t be bothered to ask for directions, and he doesn’t have a free hand to pull out his map now.  For better or for worse, he’s truly on his own as he steps forward on his path.
In a reading, consider if you’re too quick to write off the benefits of social interactions, and not just for networking purposes!  Blow off some steam and let yourself feel human.  On the other hand, the swords may be warning you that if you want to take with you all you’ve gained thus far, the time to make your move is now.  You’ve gotten all you can out of this situation.  Is it time to end a fun, but stagnant relationship?  Take what you’ve learned with you, and move along."

Oh silly swords, what are you up to now?  Don't underestimate this suit!  It may seem pretty opaque, but the swords aren't taking action without good reason.  You can trust them on that, and on the fact that they can't help being brutally honest.  Have you ever felt like you had no choice but to do something sneaky or underhanded?  Have you had to opt out of an invitation because the only alternative would be telling someone exactly what you think of him or her?  There is some kindness in the swords yet.


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