Monday, July 9, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Seven of Staves

Did you think something awful had happened??  Maybe I should tell you it did so I have a good excuse for my absence....hit by a horse and carriage in Central Park?  Attacked by a rat on the subway?  Forced to flee our apartment when it was taken over by (Choose your own adventure: mice, cockroaches, bedbugs)?? 

None of the above, thank God[dess].  My cousin, her husband, and their daughter came for a visit, and I failed to put the warning out that I would likely be AWOL while I was spending time with them and showing off my fabulous city.

Well, I'm back now, and I'm well aware I'm behind by FOUR blog posts, and I intend to make each and everyone of them up in the next two or three weeks.  Thankfully, I have A LOT of material I'm excited to share with you!

Let's get this show in the road with Tarot Monday!  My interpretation progress has slowed back down a bit now that I'm banging out the last four chapters of my novel (Sh, you didn't hear that from me!), so it may yet be a while before I can offer you the fully interpreted Waite-Smith Tarot in zine form.  If you've been following along though, you already know how awesome it will be.  I was frustrated by the tarot books I read when I was first trying to learn.  They were all descriptions of the card, followed by a long list of words separated by commas.  Short of rote memorization, and with seventy-eight cards to deal with, good luck with that, there was no way to connect the meanings to the cards.  There was no SYSTEM.  I did finally find some good books that proved to be a great inspiration to me, and these books did offer systems, and between those books, and the intuitive readings I had been practicing for six or seven years, I quickly developed my own system.  A system like this that's accessible to Tarot newbs is long overdue, and I can't wait to share it with you, but wait we must till I get through writing up and editing every interpretation...

Today, we're onto the Sevens!  We've begun our final push toward home, and generally this means our next major challenge.  You ready??

The Seven of Staves
 “'I’m King of the Mountain!' our figure could be chanting, that is if his teeth weren’t so tightly gritted.  He holds his staff like a weapon.  Are the other six staves stuck in the earth as further defense of his position, or do the angry protesters we saw in the background in the last card hold them?
Either way, our hero is determined not to lose ground, perhaps to the point of paranoia.  A fence doesn’t only keep others out, it also keeps you in, and if this fellow never steps down off his high point, he can never continue onto completion.  Don’t let fear of losing ground freeze you.  If a band of angry nay-sayers (with big bumps on their heads?) have got you surrounded, you’ll have to eat crow like you never have before if you want this as bad as you once thought you did.  Let this be a lesson to you: unethical practices to get what you want will come back to bite you, (or hit you with a big stick) in the ass. 
If you treated everybody right along the way, that doesn’t mean you never made a well-meaning mistake, and yes, you’ll have to contend with that too, sooner or later.  Don’t resist it.   Let your passion for your quest drive you to make things right, even if that means going beyond tit-for-tat.  Enduring some losses now is worth gaining passage to further progress.
Spiritual journeys can be full of such moments.  It’s tempting to stay up on your moral high ground, expecting everyone to roll out the red carpet for your journey, but sacrifice is very much a part of the spiritual path.
In a reading, consider what you're holding onto, and why.  Is it holding you back?  Pissing others off?  Just like the figure on the card appears walled in by the staves, the ideas and labels we hold onto can wall us in, too."

Sometimes it can feel like identifying as a tarot reader, or just a tarot enthusiast, can put us smack in the middle of this card.  That doesn't mean we have to embody this figure, though.  If you believe in what you're doing, there's no need to get defensive, or insist that everyone agree with you.  Take some deep breaths, and let their criticisms go.

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