Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Seven of Cups

How's it going, guys?  You having fun with the daily posting??  Good!  We're back to Tarot Post day, which is pretty sweet.  We've made a lot of progress through the numbered cards.  Are you ready for the court cards??  They're coming up next...but not till we get through number ten in all four suits, so keep your shirt on.

Today's card is the seven of cups.  It's a bit similar to the seven of staves really, except instead of facing fierce adversaries, real or imagined, the character in this card faces seven dreamed up choices.  Some of them are obviously bad, like the dragon, some of them seem quite good, like the pile of gems, and others are more ambiguous, like the head of a youth, or a man with a sheet over him.  Well, when the cards were designed, it was sheet guy who was considered the best choice: he represents Jesus, as he's present to Catholics in the  Eucharist.  Another interesting tidbit is, you'll notice one of the cups has a skull on it.  Ok, so we probably shouldn't pick that one, but what's in it?   A laural wreath!  Used to crown the victor in ancient Greece, this is a symbol of success and contentment, ie 'resting on your laurals.'  The message is clear: you'd better not stop here; you're not done yet!  

Certainly not!  We've got a ways to go on this tarot journey...

The Seven of Cups
"A silhouetted figured stands, arms raised, before a vision: seven cups float in clouds before him, each holding a different possibility.  Some are mysterious, some are tempting, and some are terrifying. 
The six of cups suggested a rebirth, or a return to simpler times: a retracing of earlier steps as a second chance to get things right.  In the sevens, we’re faced with all those same choices we’ve made along the way again, only now we know what can go wrong if we choose the wrong thing.  Armed with knowledge of which choices will bring pain, you’re left with so many beautiful choices…how do you pick just one?  Well, you don’t have to.  You could stay right here…but that’s not why you bought this ticket, is it? 
The cups are all about the beauty of dreams, but dreams are far less beautiful if they never transition to reality.  Survey your options carefully, and then commit. This is one of your last chances to change horses.  As the skull on the cup containing the laural wreath suggests, the worst choice would be to decide you’ve succeeded and stay here.
It’s too easy to get caught up in those dark rain clouds, unable to see the way out.  The staves are trapped by fear when they look down and see how high up they’ve come.  The cups are trapped by the beautiful things they must give up in order to choose one thing to fight for.  Reach for your sword, and cut through the tempting choices that will only hold you back."

What beautiful dreams are keeping you from fully committing to the path you've chosen for yourself?  Should you be re-evaluating that choice?  Screw anybody who tells you it's too late and you should stick with it; if you're not happy get out!  On the other hand, you can't actually have it all.  We all have to make choices.  If yours still feels like the right one, close the door on those fantasies, and focus on dreams that are actually attainable.


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