Monday, July 23, 2012

Eating Omily: Survivor-The Processed Food Jungle

Happy Monday!  Have you been eating Omily this week?  I tend to face a lot of tough choices when I'm visiting home: junk food, or no food?  CAFO meat, or cheap peanutbutter on bad bread?  Damn...

So, what do you do when you start eating according to principles that are hard to fit into a soundbite?  Well, you spend a lot of time trying to decide who to let believe you're a vegetarian.

Or better yet, I tell people I eat a plant-based diet, and they assume I'm a vegan.  That's a misnomer if ever I've heard one.  Everyone should be eating a plant-based diet.  That doesn't exclude supplementing with meat and other animal products.  They just shouldn't be central or necessary to a complete meal.   The night before we left, we made a concerted effort to eat all the veggies.
The resulting stir-fry was beautifully colorful, perfectly tender-crisp, and flavorful with soyaki and toasted sesame oil.  We served it over brown rice.  Thank God[dess] I picked up some extra antioxidants before we left, since I've only had baby carrots and some strawberries and grapes at the wedding since then.  At least there's some low-sugar cereal for breakfast!

It's not all lamenting a lack of food, though: there is wedding cake, and rainbow sherbet, and cinnamon rolls, and my baby nephew, Parker, and my brother's dog, Oreo, who is Bat Dog, and of course, exorbitant amounts of alcohol with my oldest and most hilarious friends.

Maybe on Wednesday I'll share some of the pictures from my Ohio excitement!  In the meantime I'll be hunting down something including green stuff to eat for lunch before I gorge myself on movie popcorn and cheap wine this evening...

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