Thursday, July 19, 2012

An Experiment in Motivation

This last week has been rather overwhelming.  There's nothing in particular going on around here to keep me hopping, but we've had a pleasantly full social schedule that's made getting enough sleep AND getting up in time to get everything done a challenge, not to mention getting home late means leaving the dishes for the morning, and nothing demoralizes me quicker than seeing a stack of dishes before I've even had breakfast.

Yes, I'm pretty sure it's ENTIRELY to do with the never-ending sea of dishes, and NOT to do with just having gotten back from being out of town on Saturday, and leaving town again later today, and my baby nephew being born today, and my mom getting re-married on Saturday, and my approaching aerial show in late September which I haven't started getting ready for yet, and trying to get through the court cards so I can get started on the Major Arcana, and leaving time to work on my book every day...

Alright, alright, fine, there's a lot going on!  But seriously, if I could just pay someone else to do the dishes I'd feel loads better.  About two loads a day in fact...

Of course, the trouble with feeling a little overwhelmed is that it takes a series of tasks that would take a rather daunting amount of time, and turns it into an un-accomplishable mess, because you wind up sitting around reading Cake Wrecks and ignoring the un-made bed instead of getting a jump on things.

We all know what the remedy for that is, right??

No!  Don't grab a beer and open up cat macros in another tab!  Give yourself a good shakey shake, put on some music, and get shit done!  That's what I'm hoping to do!

And as an experiment in added motivation, I'll be adding edits and updates to my blog hourly (or so) for the next four and a half hours.  At that point I have to head out to the airport.  Oh how terrifying.  Not the airport, the sheer amount of shit I have to do in four and a half hours!

Alright, alright, I'm up I'm on it!!  I'll let you know if I even made it through the dishes in an hour...maybe I'll have a picture of my beautiful, brand new nephew by then, too!

Edit: 1:29 p.m. Got almost all the dishes done, got dressed, washed, brushed, etc., and oohd and ahd over pictures of my new baby nephew.  Not bad, right?  Still lots to do!!

Update 2: 2:30.  I suffered a set-pack when the cat spewed an arc of puke all the way across the white down comforter I JUST WASHED TUESDAY.  It would have been a puddle instead of an arc, but I thought I had enough time to relocate her to the wooden floor which I was about to mop anyway.  No such luck.  In spite of that, I did get the bedroom dusted, swept, and mopped, wrote up the schedule for the cat sitter, made the bed, and scooped the cat box, put the green beans from yesterday in the freezer, and started putting away all the dishes I did at 12:30.  I think things are coming along pretty well!  I stand a snowball's chance in hell of actually getting everything done before I have to leave, and I'm certainly feeling motivated!

Update 3: 3:30 Ok, the big thing I did was make and eat lunch, but I also finished putting away the dishes, packed some snacks for our flight tonight, and made sure I had everything together to walk out the door in an hour and fifteen minutes.  Looks good!  I still have to do all my lunch dishes and put them away before I can sit down to work on tarot interpretations with the time that's left, which is a bit of a bummer since those dishes will probably take half an hour.  But hey, let's focus on the positive: it looks like everything on my list is going to get done, and I'm not going to be late to meet my husband for our flight!  Yippee!!  I'll check in one last time at 4:30 before I head out...

Update 4: 4:30 Last update!  I got all the dishes done and put away, drank all my tea, set everything up for the petsitter, got all my stuff together to take with me when I leave, and I'm nearly done with my first edit of the court card tarot interpretations.  Yay!  I'm also writing down the lyrics of a song by hand to give to my mom.  Should have just typed it; I can't print neatly to save my life!  Ah well...I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and family I only get to see a couple times a year, and meeting my new nephew of course!  God[dess] willing and the creak don't rise, I'll be back tomorrow with a tarot update.  That reminds me; I have to e-mail it to myself!!

I'd say this experiment was a success...I guess it's an accountability thing.  Ever think of sending a report of what you've accomplished a few times a day to a friend to keep you ticking items off your to-do list? Maybe you should!

Live Omily,

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