Monday, June 11, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Six of Staves

I'm officially all caught up from the two weeks of blogging I missed in Fabulous LA and Portland!  Who knows though; maybe you'll keep on getting unexpected Tueday/Thursday blog posts from me.  For today though, I have the Omily Tarot!  And the good news is, we're onto the sixes.  The six is considered the high point of the suit: the most positive manifestation of what that energy is all about, so it will be a good deal more cheerful than the fives were.  And briefly for anyone who's just tuning in: The Omily Tarot is a once-a-week (or so) installment in my blog where I offer my interpretation of a card from the Waite-Smith tarot deck, based on elemental, and numerical significances, as well as the images on the cards themselves.  It's quite fun, and a great way to get a solid introduction to interpreting the tarot in context, instead of how most books do it, which is by long lists of associated words and ideas separated by commas.  Dry, difficult to attach to anything, and not useful at all.  The really good news is that when I finish up my interpreting work, all of these interpretations are going to be professionally laid out and bound into a lovely zine-style book that you can purchase on my website for your perusal and reference.  I'm excited!

So, the Six of Staves
6 of Staves

When last we left the staves, a lack of unity, within oneself, or with those around one, was blocking progress. 
In card six, one man rides tall on a high-stepping white horse, a laurel wreath around his head, and another hung on the stave he carries.  It’s safe to say, then, that his passion has proved itself worthwhile and successful.  Has he achieved this high point by learning to cooperate, and accept outside viewpoints?  Maybe.  Do those in the background appear to be marching joyously in the parade or catching up for a major protest? 
If you went for beating everyone over the head until they got the hell out of your way, or ignoring those in great need in order to amass more resources for yourself, anticipate consequences in the none too distant future.  On the other hand, if you pulled yourself up from such poverty with the help of others, you clearly have loyal friends…who are susceptible to jealousy just like the rest of us. 
Advice if you suspect that crowd isn’t here to wish you well?  Look to the man on the horse: his gaze is directed, not forward, toward the next step on his journey, but to the side, toward his foes, or allies as the case may be.  Stay in the present: enjoy this victory, because you earned it, but be prepared for trouble requiring your attention in the future, especially if you haven’t cultivated positive relationships with those around you.  The terrain gets rougher from here, and serious detractors from your success could really bring you down.

This interpretation may sound like a bit of a downer for the high point of the suite, but of course, if all really is well and joyful, what advice do you need other than, "enjoy"?  I can't help but notice the cool look the guy's getting from his noble steed, which always colors my interpretation of this card.  What subtle cues are you starting to pick up on in a card?  If you can't help but think 'nausea' when you see green, for example, instead of 'growth', you, too, will probably be interpreting this card in a less positive way than others.  Don't fight those tendencies.  Always trust your instincts!  Your tarot toolbox is unlike anyone else's, and that's what makes you special, and potent, as a reader.  Go ahead and get on your tarot-reading high horse today!  And tomorrow, get back down, and smooth any feathers you ruffled in the process.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Always love reviews and articles on tarot. Love that there are so many to choose from as well, they all speak in their own language.