Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Five of Coins

The five of coins, huh?  Might be a good time to get my shit together!  Why, you may ask??  Because I've still got the Major Arcana to get through interpreting before they're all ready to be put into a professionally designed and produced zine that you'll be able to have for your very own!  Yay!  Anyway...with the fives we've been talking about a 'crisis of spirit': the first big challenge to come your way and knock you off your horse.  What is its nature?  And how will you respond to it?  Staves realizes it can't accomplish the big things it has in mind alone, cups realize that reality is never as rosy as your dreams, and swords, well, swords take advantage of someone else's disillusionment, which is already a sword fail, since that's certainly the opposite of telling it like it is, and in the process, forget to pare down and simplify.  Oopsies!  So what do down to earth, practical pentacles do when it's their turn to slip up?v  Hmm...'oopsies' doesn't begin to cover it.

The Five of Coins

5 of Coins:

"Don’t panic!  Not that I blame you; this card looks as grim as the worst of the swords (or at least nearly so).  The beleaguered couple makes its way forward through the snow, dressed in rags, and with an injury to contend with.  Is this what the four of coins’ miser feared when he clung so tightly to his money?  Maybe his clinginess is what left this couple out in the cold. 
Five coins glow in a stained glass window overhead.  An opportunity for warmth, and potentially another chance at financial success too, but only if these poor souls can lift their eyes above their painful circumstances and see the window in time to turn and go in.  They may be blinded by the snow, frozen water after all: trapped by visions of what they wish their life could be, or the most deadly illusion: that it can never be anything else.  The connection to our emo friend in the five of cups, staring down at the spilled cups to the exclusion of the two still full, is obvious.  Looking at this right after the sword card, I can’t help but wonder if these people would have more friends if they had been slower to take advantage of others when they had the chance, or perhaps as depicted in the staves, they failed to learn to cooperate when they had the upper hand, and are hurting for that skill now that they’ve lost it.
It’s easy to focus on what you haven’t got with the fives as its our first big challenge, but this is an opportunity for growth, and growth leads to better times.  The staves have to choose to help accomplish a goal as part of a team; the coins have to choose to accept help from others.  The cups have to choose to acknowledge what they still have to move forward, and the swords, well, the swords are certainly making some motion, but it looks like it's away from their path instead of toward it.  With the five of coins it's worth remembering: we are never too poor to give, or too rich to receive.
In a reading, this card is often asking us to look at things with an objective eye, and ask ourselves if they’re as bad as all that.  Of course it sucks that your parents are divorcing, but when all is said and done, they’ll be happier, and things will settle back down to normal.  Maybe you’re so pissed about being laid off, you aren’t listening when someone offers you the opportunity for a fresh start elsewhere, or so heart-broken over the end of a relationship, you’ve forgotten all the things about it you didn’t like at the time.  It can also worn of rough times ahead: in terms of your health, your finances, or anything else that's currently on your list of mundane to-dos."

Have you reached a coins-style crisis of spirit with the tarot?  Have you had it up to here with your family telling you you're consorting with the devil?  Or maybe you just don't have the time to lay out a spread and write it up in your tarot journal every day anymore.  Don't give up!  Your next big tarot breakthrough might be just out of sight!  Keep your deck and journal in your totebag, and you may find a spare twenty minutes during your day.  Keep calm, and answer your family's questions (accusasions...) and even if they never come around, you'll be a more patient person for your efforts!


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