Friday, June 1, 2012

Kitten Pose

So, how has the yoga been going?

Making progress toward handstand: I'm hovering for a second before coming back down when kicking up center floor.

I haven't been practicing asana frequently enough to maintain the flexibility I gained a year ago.  Still frustrating...

On the other hand, my spine is getting super twisty, which is fun.

How's meditation been since meditating every day for the month of February?  It's always on the table, but as far as actually sitting down and doing it, that doesn't happen everyday. 

How about you?  Still plugging away?  Taking a Summer break?  Letting the sunshine inspire  you to ramp up?  Don't forget to take advantage of the nice weather to practice asana or meditation outside!  It's so refreshing...

Well, aside from doing a lot of warriors, I've learned a lot about kittens this week.  Today marks the one week anniversary with a pair of black kittens we're fostering through the ASPCA while they gain weight before their neuter surgery.

Wesley and Gunn are, of course, adorable little balls of fuzzy energy.  Oh good much energy...they have an uncanny ability to make a mess out of anything, climb anything, escape anything, and make you love them at the same time.

They also eat a lot.  Two cans of kitten food each per day, which is a lot when you don't yet weigh two pounds.  At this second, their favorite game is, "Climbing the Laundry Hamper and Pushing the Stack of Papers Put There to Stop Us From Pushing It off the Bed off the Hamper"  They're supplementing this game with fine rounds of "Chew the Plants" and "Fall off of Things"

They were skittish at first, scooting under furniture at our approach, and needing to be tricked to come out with a string toy, but they've largely settled down now, and have entered the "Kitty Hypnosis" phase, where if I give them a good rubdown, they'll settle down enough to be plopped into my lap, and from there,  continued pets, scratches, and rubs result in a state of semi-consciousness characterized by slowly closing eyes, rumbling purrs, and complete limpness.

I guess what I'm saying is what I already knew: kittens are a lot of fun, but a lot of trouble, too.  I think the husband is already looking forward to their being dropped back off at the ASPCA next Friday.  I've heard that black kittens are the slowest to be adopted, which is sad, because these two are so precious, and I think black cats are gorgeous, the way their features blend so well, they look like the silhouette of a cat, instead of the actual animal, if lit right.  If you're in the market for a sweet little kitty to call your own, Wesley and Gunn are as well behaved as can be expected, thoroughly litter box trained, friendly little kitties who may wind up being left to linger at the shelter past adorable kittenhood if you or someone you know in search of a feline family addition doesn't step up.

Other things I've learned from kittens include:

Stop leaving unfinished projects lying about.  Actually go through that pile of paper, instead of moving it from surface to surface throughout the day.

Go with the flow.  If someone much bigger than you wants a cuddle, well, they're going to get it, so no use making a fuss.

Get lots of exercise.

Get lots of sleep.

Hmmm...maybe I'll make those my Summer goals...

Wish me luck!

Live Omily...kittenly?

P.S. They've since moved onto "Kick Plastic Bags Under the Dresser", another favorite around here.

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