Monday, June 4, 2012

Eating Omily: Snack Time and Shop Time

Fair warning: rhubarb won't be around much longer!  Neither will tender salad greens and spinach, or crisp, sweet sugar snap peas.  Those things all love these chilly, damp days, and Summer is just around the corner!

Of course, I won't be too disappointed once I see those fat, heirloom tomatoes come rolling in!  What was I cooking this week?  Asparagus of course!  I need to start buying that stuff in big bunches if I want to have it around later; that season, too, is on its last legs.  Shelling peas are another seasonal favorite of mine I haven't indulged in enough yet.  That two-week trip at the beginning of May has got me all off kilter seasonally!

I'll keep this post short for today, and report back with pictures of what's in the market in early June in the next couple days, to get us all back on track!

For today, let me offer you this incredibly simple and satisfying recipe for English, or shelling, peas.  I adapted it from The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters.

Buttered Peas:

Shell your peas, and put the pods aside.  Depending on how much little fibers bother you, you can saute those, or throw them into a green smoothie.  To avoid the fibrous texture all together, simmer them in water, then strain them out for a veggie broth.

Put the peas in a sauce pan with just a little water, not even enough to cover the peas, and turn the heat on to a simmer.  When the water has basically all evaporated, add a pat of butter, and some salt and pepper, and toss.
They look even better with a sheen of butter...
  Trust me, these guys are better than popcorn, and of course, pack a bigger nutritive punch!  That said, there's nothing wrong with fiber-rich, crunch-tastic popcorn!
See?  They're practically the same!
 Speaking of which, quick edit to that recipe: Once your test kernels pop, pour in your popcorn, put the lid back on, and pull the pan off the heat for ten seconds before letting it go to town.  Just trust me.  More popping, less burning!  And be sure you're using a big enough pan: three quarts for 1/3 cup popcorn kernels is great.

So I'll leave you to your snacking, but make it quick!  FYI you guys, there are all kinds of Rain Sales at the Farmer's Market when the weather turns wet!  Grab an umbrella and get out there!!

Nom nom nom...

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