Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eating Omily: Cherry Cherry Boom Boom!

As I made my way toward the back end of the Union Square Farmer's Market in search of Race Farm's incredible strawberries, a new row of pint and quart boxes caught my eye: taught, glistening, bouncing cherries!! Queen Anne cherries, the kind that are yellowish-white, and bright red mixed together.  Last year was a tough year for cherries.  They were hard to come by, and with supply so low, the price never got down to a reasonable level.  I'm taking having found them out at the same time as strawberries before the berries start rolling in to be a good sign.  I have big plans for these little lovelies: beyond a doubt one of my favorite fruits of all time!
I hope to get my hands on enough tart cherries to make preserves, and a batch of the bing cherries are going to hang out with brandy, and brown sugar to produce something half beverage, half dessert topping, all irresistible!  Now that they're coming back around, I need to finish up whats left of last year's very few cherries I managed to freeze.

I love the way produce takes its sweet time.  The days may be warm, but any tomato that's not coming out of a green house is still just a gleam in some blossom's eye.  By the time the blue and blackberries start rolling in, the strawberries will be closing up shop for another season.  And by the time the berries start to fade, the peaches will be on their way!  I have big plans for those, too, but I'll try not to get ahead of myself...

Summer and Fall are a fruit lover's paradise, and the season is really getting on a roll, so get out there!

Nom nom nom...


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