Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eating Omily: Celebrate Summer

Happy Summer Solstice!  Are you getting your yoga on in Times Square?  I thought about it, but this yogini doesn't do hot yoga.  Not even 96 degree highs can keep me out of the Farmer's Market, though!  What have I been picking up since last week?

Well, on Friday there was the Jamacain jerk style pork sausage.  Mmmmm, but with quite a kick!  Go for that awesomely herbalicious flavor if you prefer a milder breakfast meat.

On Monday I started my day with leftover polenta pressed into patties, fried in coconut oil, and topped with sunflower seeds and maple syrup.  Oh man, so much better than pancakes or French toast: crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside, and vegan and gluten free!  Make sure you make your polenta extra thick, and let it sit in the fridge over night to firm up if (who am I kidding, when!) you try this one. 
I also picked up my weekly share.  They're out-doing themselves this year at Central Valley Farm; it was all I could do to squeeze the whole share into my bag!  You should see my exploding refrigerator!*  I bought cherries and strawberries as well.  So delicious!

*No you shouldn't.  It really needs cleaned.

 Subsequently I got to play my favorite farm share inspired game: Hide and Beet.  I know, beets are delicious, roast them to bring out their sweetness!  Except, no, because, they still taste like beets, and I don't like beets.  I've tried roasting, pureeing, boiling, pickling, relishing, you name it!  This year I'm finally getting smart.  Can YOU find the beet in this picture??
What?  That??  Nooooo, that's just an innocent berry smoothie! ;-D  There may or may not also be a bunch of Swiss chard hiding in there.  I plead the fifth!  Bright colors=antioxidants!  No matter what you do with them, sneak some beets in!  I also enjoy them raw and sliced thinly into salads.

Today I tried to beat the heat, but since I didn't make it to the market till 11:30, I pretty much failed.  However, I won big at Local Produce!  The Farmer's Market is celebrating the First Day of Summer even better than the Times Square Yogis.  Look what I found!!

Yes, blueberries, cucumbers, string beans, and PEACHES!  I am so excited to preserve me some peaches.  I might just buy a whole case!  Anyone want to split it with me?  I've got a brandied peaches recipe!

Between the sun, and all that excitement, by the time I made it down to 14th street, I was in serious need of refreshment.  Luckily Red Jacket Orchards has my back!
Seriously, you guys.  Fresh-squeezed apple juice plus lemon juice equals perfect sweet-tart, no sugar added lemon-aid.  Since their juices are unfiltered, they come with a couple grams of fiber, too, which helps to slow down the rush of fruit sugar into your blood stream!  All the same, I wouldn't chug all twelve delicious ounces at once.  It's Summer!  Take your time, and sip!

What delicious foods have you all hot and bothered this week?  Buying peaches yet, or waiting for the price to drop?  If you haven't had your fill of strawberries or cherries yet, get out there!  Cherry season can be as short as two weeks, and strawberry season probably doesn't have that long left.


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