Monday, May 21, 2012

The Omily Tarot: the Four of Coins

Woo!  Ok, I'm back!!  I had such an incredible time on the west coast, both because it's a special place, and because I was with such amazing people.  I wish I could see my west coast friends more often!!  It's your turn to come out to the east coast this time, guys!

My goal is to update my blog more frequently while I'm disgorging all the amazing stuff I encountered in LA, San Diego, and Portland.  You've earned three Omily Tarot posts, and two each Eating Omily, and uh...the other kind...posts.  Hope I can get caught up!!

So today's post will be of the Omily Tarot Variety.  We've made it up to the four of coins, which is a great card, because the imagery is just so easy to recognize.  It's not buried under too much cultural or era differences.  It's often shorthanded as 'the miser' but I'm not a fan of that title myself, because it's too overtly negative.  Like all cards, this one may be cautioning against a behavior, or suggesting one, and it's an oversimplification to say that in either case the behavior in question is 'bad', or 'good' for that matter.

The Four of Coins
4 of Pentacles:

"This card can be partially described with the phrase, 'money on my mind'.  But not only does a coin rise out of the crown of the man's head, but he's clutching another in front of his heart and throat chakras, and holding two more down to the pavement!  It's definitely stepping out of the usual generous nature of coins for this character to be clutching his so tightly.  Perhaps things got to be moving too fast for him in cards 1, 2, and 3, so he's putting the breaks on.  Seeing his plans, and his money, literally carved into stone may have made this figure a little gun-shy.  Seeking a higher perspective, going for a walk in nature, or shutting yourself up in your room (or your tomb…) is going to remove you from the situation, but the situation may well carry on without you!  This card is about taking a time out, and holding onto your resources for yourself. 

This can definitely be a negative thing: being selfish or miserly, but on the other hand, sometimes it's really important to stop giving your abundance away, at least long enough to take stock of it!  Those resources are at your disposal, to protect your well-being: your connection to the divine (symbolized by the crown chakra coin), your connection with yourself, and your connection with others via self-expression (symbolized by the throat and heart chakra coin.) 

The out-pouring nature of coins is arrested here, stamped down as though he’s afraid it will fly away without his consent.  The coin on the head and in front of the heart can also refer to integrating some swords and cups energy: what does he think and feel about how he's handled his wealth thus far?  Is it time to let loose and dream big, trusting those optimistically yellow coins to only return to him re-doubled?  The coins can be equated to seeds, and seeds can’t grow as long as you insist on holding onto them.  However, it is equally legitimate to conclude that holding on a little longer, and taking the next few steps slowly is the right path, particularly if you weren’t too thrilled with how that chapel turned out.  After all, pressed close to the earth is the natural home of coins as seeds, not flying around at the mercy of fickle winds and rains, or melting down in hot fires!

If this card comes up in your reading, a gut check to see where you may be withholding unnecessarily is certainly in order, but if you’re known among your friends as the one who they can count on to give of your resources, whether that’s time, labor, money, or patience hearing out every sob-story, this card is not telling you to be more generous.  Quite the contrary, this may be a time to kindly and respectfully decline to offer further assistance, and turn toward healing and help for yourself.  Resources and friendships aside, is it time to put the breaks on a given situation for further evaluation?  Is your whirlwind romance making it impossible for you to pay attention at work or school?  Is your new job at a bakery throwing your healthy eating choices for a loop?"

Going on vacation was definitely a time for us to step off those coins and let them fly!  Now that we're back home though, we need to stamp down quick.  Eating out for virtually every meal for two weeks means not being very frugal, and not being all that healthy, either.  It was fine for a while, but we need to get back in control of our resources and our habits now that we're back in familiar surroundings.  If you're not sure what this card, or any card, is telling you about yourself, a useful place to start is to ask yourself how it looks like the character in question is feeling.  Be speficic!  It's useful to start with 'happy' or 'sad', but what about, 'jealous', 'trapped', 'relieved', 'sleepy'?  The emotions you imprint on that face can tell you a lot about whether you're being told to emulate this character, to stop doing so, or something in between.  Good luck, see you tomorrow!


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