Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Five of Staves

Is someone going to send me a cookie for all this blogging?  That would be great.  I like chocolate.  Anyway!  It's Thursday!  And it's a Tarot Day!  We've made it through the fours, so what do the fives have in store?  Well, let's review...we've had it fairly easy on the tarot journey thus far...oh, comeon, guys, don't get too hung up on that three of swords, now!  Overall, our journey has been: insiration, decision, action, reflection.  It's kind of a neat little journey all to itself, but zoom out to the big picture, because it's far from over.  Today we move into rockier territory.  The fives are the first big upset on our path.  Sure our initial action may have had consequences we weren't too wild about, but the stakes were low, and all it took to recover was a little nap, right?  Right?  For better or for worse, life goes on, and the first of those big obstacles, the ones that maybe you foresaw in your time of reflection, and maybe you didn't, has arrived.  Each suit features its own challenges (of course), unique to the journey at hand and what stands to be gained.  You game?  I thought so.

And for anyone who just jumped in and isn't so sure if they're game or not, this is the Omily Tarot!  Each week (with a pumped up schedule for the next week or two) I'll be offering my interpretation of a card from the Waite-Smith deck based on the numerical, and elemental significances of the cards, and the images on the cards themselves.  Once I've worked my way through the whole deck, this set of interpretations will be designed, laid out, and printed by a professional into a gorgeous, easy-to-reference zine-style book.  Whose excited?  I'm excited!  Let's go...

The Five of Staves

"You’ve taken a moment to celebrate that small victory, and now you’re ready to build on it…or are you?  The figures in this card are often interpreted as fighting, but to me it looks as if they’re trying to build a structure.  Each may know exactly where their piece needs to go to create something strong and solid, but without knowledge of what the others are up to, it won’t do much good. 
The four of coins was hesitant to share his resources, and it may be that very hesitancy that’s creating conflict here.  It may be tempting to use your tool of building as a tool of destruction: beating anyone who won’t get out of your way over the head!  That’s definitely an option, but choosing to listen and cooperate with those around you will likely serve you better.  Your fiery passion and ambition, seeking for growth as you define it, has made your journey one of solitude thus far. 
In the last stave card we celebrated with others, but it’s one thing to let someone buy you a congratulatory drink, and quite another to let them in on your secrets so you can work together to move your plans forward.  If a spiritual journey is the issue at hand, opening up can seem even scarier.  The higher the stakes, the more you may hesitate to be open with your resources and your info, and to continue to take risks, which is crucial to the stave journey. 
Perhaps the conflict is within yourself: different options lay before you, and unless you’re super-clairvoyant, you can’t be sure of which is the best one.  You need a different approach to avoid getting stymied.  This card challenges you to open up to outside help and outside resources, or possibly a different facet of your journey altogether for the time being.  If you don’t, this may be as far as you get.
In a reading, consider where you may be in conflict with yourself.  Are you not reaping the benefits of your new healthier lifestyle plan because part of you still really wants to sit on the couch and eat doughnuts?  Has your significant other not declared his love because he senses your hesitancy to say those words back, even if you don’t?  Sometimes internal conflict is what causes conflict between members who should be working together: Are you insanely frustrated with the PTA’s refusal to understand your plan to integrate better sex ed into schools, when you’re the one withholding the details?  To use a simple example: if you want to shoot all the baskets in the game, your team is probably going to lose.  Recognize who your team is, and start cooperating, internally and externally!"

Fun, right?  So get out there and pass that ball!  GO TEAM!


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