Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Five of Cups

It's Tuesday, and it's Tarot Day!  Did you have a lovely weekend?  Grill some dogs?  Sleep in on a Monday?  Great!  Now that we're back in the work week, it's time to keep moving through the fives.  What?  The fives?  Why?  Because this is the Omily Tarot!  Each week I go over my interpretation of a tarot card from the Waite-Smith deck based on numerical, and elemental significances, as well as the images on the cards themselves.  When I've finished interpreting the whole deck, it's going to be professionally designed into a gorgeous zine available for purchase.  Won't that be fun?  So, we've faced the big challenge of the staves: cooperation.  Next up is the big challenge for the cups.  Last we left those chalices of watery emotion and dreams, they were waxing contemplative, carefully assessing their situation before moving forward.  So did it work?

The Five of Cups
"Our figure stands, head down and wrapped in a black cloak, facing the three spilled cups.  He seems tempted to allow his efforts thus far to go to waste.  If he’d only take the time to turn away from his happy dreams, flowing away from him down the river, he’d see that there are two cups left, steady ground on which to build: if he turns back to his original choice, he may find the strength and the motivation to see this through.  What happened to the joy and confidence expressed in the three of cups?
Remember the description of the four of cups as the honeymoon being over?  Our clever character took a time out to assess if this situation or relationship was worth pursuing, or in need of a major overhaul. Maybe that time of solitude was actually pretty satisfying, and now the question of opening up and sharing life with another has become that much more complicated.  When those beautiful dreams of couple-bliss are going to be sullied by reality, it just doesn’t look like as much fun anymore.   Maybe knocking over the three cups shown on the last card illustrated how unfulfilling what they contained really was.
Where will a choice to walk away lead him?  We don’t know.  The land looks barren.  The town in the distance may be the safe choice, but as any dreamer knows, the safe choice is rarely the most fulfilling.  The dreamy cups have a tendency to throw the baby out with the bathwater when things aren’t going exactly their way.  Being in touch with your emotions is essential for a well-lived life, but it can be a short trip from there to being governed by your emotions, which is to be strapped onto the most intense, non-stop roller coaster imaginable.  Of course, there’s a difference between throwing away your progress at the first sign of pain or difficulty, and dreaming big and holding out for what you really want.  After some contemplation, its obvious things aren’t as magical and perfect as they looked in the three of cups, but the question is: are they still good enough to take a gamble on?  With this card the question is not how to proceed, but will this person proceed.  And until the figure on the card can move beyond the pain he or she is feeling, the answer won’t appear.
In a reading, you can easily spot what event this card is referring to: when did you last feel gut-wrenching disappointment?  This card reminds us that new beginnings and opportunities are always a part of loss if we are ready to see them.  If the end of the honeymoon turned out to the end of your relationship, feel grateful it happened now and not five years later, and enjoy the free time and energy you have to invest in relationships you already know are meaningful and healthy.  If the career path you were so excited about turned out to be unrealistic, keep a healthy perspective, and don’t let yourself mourn a future that never was for too long.  There’s a whole list of other exciting majors to choose from!"

Even for happy cups, loss is a part of life!  Remember that in most cases, pain is only our resistence to change.  If you accept the situation, it becomes bearable.  If you really can't imagine what good there can be in a situation, ask your tarot deck!  Pull a few cards, and you'll quickly see the other side of your loss.


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