Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eating Omily: Omily in Wonderland

Isn't food amazing stuff?  I mean seriously...we were blown away over and over again to spot real, live, juiceable oranges and lemons growing ON TREES all over LA!  I've eaten my share of citrus, but I've never been an eye-witness to where it comes from!  In.  Credible.  And then there were the avocado trees!  Can we just shorthand it and call them money trees?  Because, seriously, avocados.  Growing.  On.  Trees.  As in, reach your hand out a window and pick a freaking ripe, buttery avocado.   And then why don't you just stroll down to your front yard for a bright, juicy lemon to serve it with?  What else you got?  A salt mine in your backyard??

Yes, I got really excited.

I was sorry to leave the Locavore version of Wonderland...till I strolled through my Farmer's Market yesterday to find quart baskets bursting with brilliant-red strawberries, at 3 for $12!!  I bought three.  Of course.  We ate half of those berries, a couple pounds of them, last night.  Out of the bag.  I froze a tray-full last night, but no doubt we'll gobble the rest.  Yum!!

I grabbed a bundle of asparagus, too, which rounded out our dinner perfectly when delicately sauteed in butter.  Yum...

And, I also saw the first of the sugar snap peas, and rhubarb!  I'm in my own NYC Spring Time Locavore Wonderland!  We get so excited about the glory days of Summer that we forget the special treats of this precious time of year...English peas simmered in water, then served with a pat of butter...rhubarb crisp...fresh strawberries...buttery, garlicky scapes...and, (whisper) fava beans, broken out of their pods, blanched to remove the skins, then simmered in water until tender enough to turn into a delectable puree.

Isn't food amazing stuff?  I feel like the luckiest person on the planet to be living so close to a veritable gold mine of amazing stuff to stuff my face with.  But, a whole lot of us are actually this lucky, and spend way too much of our time getting soaked by artificial thunderstorms in brightly lit produce sections to realize it.  I'll stop waxing evangelical.  Just let me say one more time: GO CHECK OUT YOUR FARMER'S MARKET!!!

That'll be all for today.

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