Monday, April 9, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Three of Coins

Things got a little backed up over Holy Week, but no worries, because I'm back! So for the forseeable future, The Omily Tarot will be on Mondays, Wednesdays will be long-thought-provoking (I hope)-post Day, and check in Fridays for your daily value of Eating Omily!

Today's Omily Tarot card is the Three of Coins. I'm working my way through one card each week, offering you my interpretations of the Waite-Smith deck, based on the imagery on the cards, and the elemental, and numerical associations associated with each one. When I finish interpreting the whole deck, it will be professionally (not by me) designed and produced into a lovely little book available for purchase. Yay!

The Three of Coins
3 of Coins

"Practical coins show us a literal setting in stone of our intentions in the ace and two’s in the three: the Friar who will live and worship there, and the architect who designed the chapel in question, examine the work of the craftsman building it. Already we see the coming together of the mind, the spirit, and the body, in this trio of occupations. Bringing our ideas into the real world, and dealing with the consequences of that step, requires a balance of all three.

This card is about evaluation of your own actions, or someone else’s. A practical eye is needed here: a sailor is not being asked his opinion of the work that was done, but the friar who has a stake in the proceedings. You created this situation. Is it serving you, or not? Your decision will be relevant for the insight it will give you into your future actions. Will you go on to the next step of this project? How pleased do the friar and the architect look to you?

Regardless, the big lesson of this card is, for better or for worse, it is done. Don’t get too hung up on celebration or mourning; move foreword! If you don’t like where you’ve gotten yourself, start over! This portion of the chapel is carved, and can’t be un-carved. Practical coins remind us that moving forward in any direction involves first accepting the consequences of our previous actions. The three’s can, in a sense, be paired off into the staves and coins, and the cups and swords: the first two don’t offer a judgment of the action taken in the two’s, and the last two do. On the other hand, in the staves, the ship sales off, its destiny uncertain, while in the coins, the carving is completed, ready to be evaluated. What’s the final step in our suits-progression through the three’s? You should have it by now: accept what’s been done; you can’t take it back. Whether the consequences are fabulous, awful, or somewhere in-between, this is the foundation you are now standing on. Perhaps it would behoove you to consult more sources before moving forward with the task at hand, or starting a new one from scratch. As fortune would have it, the imagery in the three of coins points to the theme of the four’s…

In a reading, this card may warn against gossip, or sticking your nose in affairs that don’t concern you, by urging you to concern yourself with the ones that do. A more positive interpretation is, all your resources are needed now to evaluate the situation at hand. Don’t make assumptions, or go in already ‘knowing’ your conclusion. Be honest, and see what’s there, not what you want to see. Put aside your emotional reaction for the moment, and do what needs to be done."

Are the cards starting to speak to you yet? Are you getting confused now that each card is bringing multiple ideas and elements into play? The numerical significance of each card gets more complicated the higher we go, too. You can always go back to the aces to get a refresher on what each element relates to, and by reading one suite all the way through the numbers we have so far, you can start to trace the numerical path that's taking shape. But most importantly, don't forget to just pull cards, ask questions, and trust your instincts! What you feel a card means at any given moment is way more relevant than any book, blog, teacher, professional reader, or any other source you could consult.


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