Monday, April 16, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Four of Staves

Happy Monday! Hope you can eat lunch outside!! It's Omily Tarot Day! Oh goodness...could it be? Have we reached the fours?? I need to get a move on with the court cards don't I? When I finish interpreting the whole Waite-Smith deck, based on the numerical and elemental significances, as well as the images on the cards, they'll be organized, designed, and published into a beautiful zine available for purchase. I'm getting excited, how about you? Till then, check in every week for the next card up!

The fours are your chance to take a breather and evaluate the progress you've made thus far. Any time you're hard at work on an important project, keep your eyes out for those four moments. They're crucial for your sanity, as well as your eventual success! And of course, we'll be starting with the four of staves...

The Four of Staves
"Four staves stand in the foreground, supporting a garland of greenery, flowers, and fruit. Two figures approach, holding bouquets aloft! The four of staves can mean to throw a party, or that a wedding is in your future. In a broader sense, the four of staves is about having fun, and celebrating life's small pleasures and minor victories. Yes, it looks like the uncertainty we left our hero standing in on the three has come up in his favor! Are these characters making the best of a bad situation, or celebrating everything coming up roses? We can’t know from the picture, and as we learned in the 3 of coins, there’s little point in worrying about it.

After inspiration, decision-making, and action in 1-3, 4 says it's time to step back and savor this solid beginning. And this is solid advice for the fiery staves, which can get caught up in their own ambitions, always living in the future. This card is about stopping to enjoy the present moment, and it’s a lesson to keep in mind throughout the Tarot’s journey, even when things are looking a good deal bleaker. The staves in this image are again plunged into the earth, but the green, flowered garland at the top provides the answers to the question we asked in the three. It turns out the staves were planted in fertile soil, and can be trusted to stand alone, at least for the moment.

The two main figures could be dancing, echoing the figures in the three of cups. Perhaps for the ambitious staves it takes a bit longer to feel confident of a decision made, since the goals are longer-term. Passionate-red turrets point up to the optimistic yellow sky: it’s only up from here, and it looks like it’ll be an awesome ride!

Of course, we can’t be sure about that crowd to the left in the background. Revelers come to join the festivities, or protestors not happy with this new project? We’re a long way from completion. The big rock blocking the way of forward motion for the couple at center reminds us there are likely to be obstacles in our way. The only way forward may indeed be up!"

It's a shame I didn't get to the fours a couple weeks ago. We had both mercury and mars in retrograde, and retrograde time is definitely a perfect time to step back and check out your progress: fixing up lose ends, taking extra time to keep communications crystal clear, and wrapping up projects instead of charging ahead. Those retrogrades pop up pretty regularly though, so next time you'll know!


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