Monday, April 23, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Four of Cups

It's Monday again!!  What better day to get your tarot on?  In case you're new to the program, every Monday I post an interpretation of a tarot card from the Waite-Smith Deck from the interpretation zine I'm writing.  The interpretations are based on the elemental and numerical significances of the cards, as well as the images on the cards themselves.  When I wrap up interpreting the whole deck (in real life, not on the blog; that will take over a year!) the whole kit and kaboodle will be designed, type set, and crafted into a zine available for purchase on the website.  Yay!

So, where are at, anyway?  The Four of Cups!  We talked about the fours a little bit in our last tarot post, and the cups are about emotions, intuitions, dreams, and whatnot.  They often speak about relationships, but not always, and certainly not always those of a romantic nature.

The Four of Cups

"The cups have been so joyful thus far, and they’re generally thought of as a happy suit.  The four is the first glimpse we get that still waters run deep.  This figure sits alone in a posture often associated with meditation.  His downcast glance may mean he’s reacting negatively to the cup he's being offered, or maybe he just hasn't noticed it yet.  Cups 1-3 are in a row, and just begging for the next step, but the person in this card is hitting the pause button, seated under a tree, contemplating what he's accomplished so far before moving forward. 

The honeymoon is over, and now time alone to think is required.  The three cups, positioned in a row a short distance away, symbolize the progress he’s made so far, and their distance may suggest a more objective perspective is sought.  The forth cup is offered by the universe, his imagination, the Divine, or perhaps through his mental efforts.  Will he take it?  Only if he decides the image the three cups presents to him is favourable.  

           The staves experienced uncertainty before, and joyous celebration in the 4’s.  Though it’s too late to take back the choice made in the 2’s, it’s never too late to make a different choice.  There’s no water in this scene, unless it’s in the cups.  The situation he examines is resting on level, fertile earth.  New love or sudden success can sweep you up to the clouds!  Before devoting excessive time and energy to the cause, it’s important to bring that excitement back down to earth, to make sure it is exactly what it appears to be.  A relationship of any kind needs a firm foundation to grow.  Perhaps our figure is searching for the stone floor in the 3 of coins before he begins to build.  

           The cloud from which the hand holding the cup emerges could be a rain cloud, or a puff of steam, both of which are made up of air and water.  Whether he received a rude awakening as in the 3 of swords or not, he wants to be sure that the way he’s perceiving his situation is the objective truth of the matter.  Happy, hopeful-for-the-future stave energy snuck into the last card, as well as the joyful fruitfulness of the coins.  In this card we see the more practical side of earth, and a hint of the clear and to-the-point sword energy as well.  This card reminds, in the midst of headiest joy, reassess, reassess, reassess."

It may come off as a bit of a downer, but it's not, really.  Remember the three of cups?  There's room for releasing your concerns and reveling in the joy of the moment, too, but longterm, you do have to keep your wits about you.  As the threes ultimately taught us, there is good and bad in all things, and it's important to take the time and effort to see both clearly before making a decision about how to move forward.  I hope you're starting to see how the path of the tarot, exploring the four suits in each number before moving onto the next, provides solid, practical advice for living your life as a smart, present, successful person!  Each lesson builds on the last, and we're constantly reminded of what we've already learned, so we can synthesize these ideas together and use them in real life.  Awesome sauce!

Live Omily,

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