Monday, March 19, 2012

Reiki Clinic, or, Reiki Bootcamp

On St. Patrick's Day, I spent three hours offering Reiki as part of Jaya Yoga Center's Spring healing clinic. Thai massage, acupuncture, and Reiki were all available for $20 suggested donation for a twenty minute session.
From what I've heard, it was an awesome experience for our clients that day. For us healers, it was really intense! There was about eight of us Reiki-ers in the space, and depending on how many Reiki appointments we had, there were a couple people Reiki-ing together, shifting around the figure lying on the blanket with our yoga bolsters and blocks for support, attempting to stay comfortable with achey backs, sore hips, and very open chakras.

It was my first marathon Reiki session, and by the end of it I had learned a lot about Reiki-ing: about setting the space, clearing the energy, having boundaries, caring for myself, and the nature of sharing healing.

In general I'm very good with boundaries. I don't have a problem with telling people 'no' when I know saying 'yes' would be bad for me. But keeping up boundaries, and keeping your own energy separate from another person's is a whole new ballgame when a third energy is coursing through your body and into the other person's body, and you're picking up all kind of information about this person and his or her energy because of it. It's hard to do with just one appointment you can prep for and process afterward; six in a row with maybe ten minutes in between is a whole other ballgame than that!

So in some ways it was definitely a crash course in knowing when to take a step back, energetically or emotionally. It's hard to know what to share with someone who is sipping a cup of water before clearing out for the next appointment, because they won't really have the time or the space to process it properly. If you go too deep, you'll just sort of leave that person hanging.

It was interesting because, you learn all these things in Reiki: that you should leave time for the person to come back in his or her own time, that you should use various techniques to address various issues, that you need to take time to balance the person, do a final sweep, and then give gratitude for the Reiki, that you should invite the Reiki energy in each time, by name, and mentioning the person's name, and take the time to invoke any spirits or beings who are meaningful for you, and take your time to see where the Reiki wants to go, and if you should be using any healing tools to help you...

and a lot of this stuff just flies out the window when you have 20 minutes to Reiki a perfect stranger, and then ten minutes to prepare to Reiki the next perfect stranger! But, Reiki can also be used anywhere, at any time. On yourself, on plants, on animals, on the fly...

So it was beautiful to play with Reiki in such a free form way, and to experience multiple people's Reiki techniques and energies in the same space, on the same person, at the same time. A delicate dance happens when you're squatting on a block at a person's head, and the person at the feet is suddenly moved to switch to the person's side. Everyone has their own hot spots that they feel need Reikid, and ever practitioner has their own modus operandi about where to Reiki, in what order, and under what circumstances to deviate.

The rest of my evening was awash in residual Reiki energy, along with everything else that happened to flow over the welcome mat of my wide-open Crown chakra. As of the day after, my hips were still more open than they've ever been in my life.

I also learned that my nose will drain for a day or two after an intense Reiki influx. Just a weird cleansing response.

I'm so excited about the opportunities I've had lately to practice my different Spiritual Counseling skills. My network of mentors, clients, and everyone in between has been growing, and I know there's a lot of growth, success, and healing on the horizon for me. Come be a part of it, and live Omily with me!

For Realz,

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