Friday, March 30, 2012

Omily Tarot: The Three of Swords

We've made it all the way to the three of swords! The swords have a bit of a bad reputation, and the three is when we first start to get an inkling as to just doesn't look like a very happy card, and it just doesn't have the most joyful interpretations. Of course, every card encompasses a range of positive and negative meanings, and this card is no different, but compared to the three of cups...well, it can be a bit of a shock.

Welcome to another installment of the Omily Tarot! Once a week a dedicate a post to offering you my interpretation of a given card in the deck, based on the Waite-Smith tarot, and my interpretations thereof making use of numeric, and elemental associations, along with inspiration from the images themselves. When I've completed all the interpretations, I'll be putting them all together in a zine which will be available for purchase for your personal perusing pleasure.

But in the meantime...

The Three of Swords
"So, the staves left us hanging as to what the consequences of our big step would be, and the cups showed us the most joyous outcome imaginable. Can you guess what brutally honest swords will depict? Take a deep breath! The image alone suggests one of the card’s traditional meanings: betrayal. A result like this may be exactly why the figure in the 2 of swords was hesitant to make a move. In this case, it may be the betrayal of sharing your thoughts with someone you trust, only to have them thrust the sword of truth into your heart: you are wrong, or, that will never work, and here’s why. It’s definitely not what we want to hear, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily just a nay-saying negative Nancy we can safely ignore. Moving from theory to reality is a scary step, but the stakes are only going to get higher.

If your new love stands you up when the bloom of infatuation is still making you cherish each moment together, do you really think he’s going to knock it off when things settle down to the day-to-day? If that new etsy shop you opened has gotten a grand total of two sales, one from each parent, is it a good idea to borrow money from a friend to ramp up production? Sometimes we need to face the truth, and sometimes the truth can really, really hurt. Maybe those stormy rain clouds look like they’re adding insult to injury, but on the other hand, maybe they’re the silver lining: bathing your wounded heart in refreshing water: the possibility of new dreams, new loves, second chances of all sorts!

In a reading of course, it behooves the querent to consider the more frankly ominous possibilities of this card. Does someone close to you not have your best interests at heart? Are you setting yourself up to take a big fall? Leaving your umbrella at home might be optimistic, or it might be foolish. Take the time to check your weather forecast. In the real world, we are rarely faced with scenarios that are 100% positive or 100% negative. The joy of new love may be muted by the realization that you’re going to have to cultivate a taste for Thai food. The pain of that new job not working out may be lessened by the opportunity to spend more time with friends, and the possibility of finding one that’s a better fit. In this way, the path of stave to cup to sword to coins has thus far told us that once the consequences of the twos start to reveal themselves, focus on the positive first, but take the time to explore the full ramifications of the negatives as well!"

Oh, the unavoidable embrace it now. Good luck!

Live Omily,

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