Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Three of Staves

Happy Thursday, everyone, another week is almost gone! Where does the time go? I certainly don't know. I gave a tarot reading on Tuesday, and as always there's this slight worry that, this time, when I lay the cards out, they won't have anything to say. I'll just be staring at pretty pictures...but of course, that didn't happen. And when a particular card doesn't have much to say, the thing to do is, dig deeper. Ask the querent questions, ask the characters in the card questions, ask objects in the card questions! Consider what the colors in the card say to you, what emotions seem to be shown. Never mind what the card is 'supposed' to mean. Tune into your intuition to help you discern the message this card has for you. Sometimes those readings are the most fun!

Welcome to another installment of the Omily Tarot, where I share with you my interpretations of each card in the Waite-Smith Tarot deck, one card at a time, based on the elements, numerical associations, and the images on the cards themselves. I'm hard at work interpreting the whole deck according to this system, and when it's done, it will be produced in a beautiful zine, and available for purchase. In the meantime, get your fix here!

So, here we are, at the threes already! Can you believe it?? The threes are a big moment, numerically. Just as it takes three legs for a table to stand, when we go from two to three, we go from theoretical, or metaphorical, to literal, or physical. To borrow a phrase, shit just got real!

First up, as always, (You can picture them elbowing their way to the front of the line!) are the Staves. Fiery, and passionate, they should be pretty excited to lay it all on the line, right? Well, we'll see!
3 of Staves

"The two of staves, in his finery atop his castle, seemed pretty sure of himself, and the inevitable success of his ambitions. It’s easy to think that a ship sails beautifully while it’s safely tied up in the harbor. Taking it out into open water isn’t necessarily a recipe for disaster, but you’d be an unusual person indeed if, as the builder of that ship, you didn’t have even the teeniest knot in your stomach for that maiden voyage.

It’s exactly that transition, with the metaphor intact, that we see in the three of staves. That first stave isn’t bolted to the wall and ignored now; it and the second are stuck in the earth, at the mercy of the elements, and the third is held out to the side by the man, standing still high above the ocean, but considerably more exposed to unfavorable winds himself, missing even his hat! Literal bad weather is one example of an uncontrollable factor that can derail the best laid plans, but the ill winds he feels so vulnerable to are just as likely to be the criticism of others now that his plan is available for anyone to appraise. That watery ocean may be threatening to douse the fiery enthusiasm of this suit, but the color yellow floods this card, and between that and the red cloak our hero still wears, this sense of vulnerability and fear of failure should only be a temporary influence that cannot unduly alter the optimism caused by the huge potential that can be reached, assuming the latest step on the path toward world domination is successful.

Would the figure do well to heed his concerns, or at least explore them to see if they could be legitimate? Just what kind of soil are his staves stuck in? Are they secure in muddy soil that will allow them to take root and grow? Cemented in the rock of confidence that will keep them standing, even as they dry up and their usefulness blows away in the wind? Or a dry sand that will let them topple to the ground at the first breeze of adversity? The daring ambitions of the staves have been let loose in the real world. Will they burn the competition to the ground, or only the ship that’s attempting to come in? We’ll find out soon enough…"

Do you relate to the stave's passionate determination, or find their high-energy stubbornness to be exhausting, or downright obnoxious? Where in your life is there Stave energy, and how can you make positive use of it?

Live Omily,

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  1. Passionate determination I can relate to... though sometimes it is exhausting! Aesthetically, this one of my favorite cards. I love the go-it-alone look. Have a great weekend, Emily! xo style, she wrote