Friday, March 23, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Three of Cups

And we're back, for another exciting installment of, The Omily Tarot! Once a week, I offer you my interpretation of a tarot card from the Waite-Smith deck (we're exploring the deck sequentially), based on numerical and elemental significances, and the images on the cards themselves. When I finish writing up all the interpretations, they'll be designed into a lovely zine and available for purchase. Yay!!

Today, we're on the Three of Cups, which is the perfect card for a beautiful Spring day, which it is in these parts. Traditional associations with this card include a gathering, or a party, and in no situation is it a particularly negative card, though of course, we all know partying without moderation can lead to trouble...

The Three of Cups
"Three women dance among a bounty of vegetables, their presumably full cups held overhead in a toast. The three of cups is an unabashedly happy card. It doesn’t take a psychic to see that this card could be foretelling a party, or a coming to fruition of one’s hopes. And don’t we all hope our dreams of perfect love (as in the ace), of meeting that special someone (as expressed in the two), and having all the butterflies and the rush of infatuation of that moment bear the fruit of real love: a healthy, sustainable, and supportive relationship will come true?

What better symbol of such than a productive garden? Any gardener will tell you of the hard, and never-ending work a garden can entail. For months out of the year you work hard with no reward, and then it seems like all at once, it starts giving back, with wild abandon and complete openness. We are inevitably reminded of the earth’s joyfully generous harvest of the coins by this card, and so we should be: the three of cups is about our emotional work, the risks and fears of negotiating a new relationship, being worth it.

If you’re crying, “Don’t tell me it always works out so rosy!” don’t worry; the swords will be there to present the cold, hard truth soon enough. For now, take a staves moment, and rejoice in the possibilities! The blue sky, and the red and yellow cloaks on two of the dancers allow this card to prominently feature the primary colors. Pamela Smith, the artist behind the Waite-Smith deck, chose a beautiful symbol of having all you need to make all you could want.

Ok, so their dance may end in a squashed pumpkin or a sprained ankle, so even healthy and happy relationships can end in broken hearts! Such is life, after all, and that being the case, it can’t be a bad thing to spend some time reveling in the times that our dreams do come true. In this card, we took a gamble on bringing our dreams into the realm of reality, and we won big!"

As always, this interpretation is only a starting place. If it doesn't feel relevant to the issue at hand when this card pops up in a spread, defenestrate it, and consider other possibilities: dancing with other women? Enjoying the fruits of your labor? Girls' Night Out? Done grocery shopping for the week? Your interpretation of a card in a given reading doesn't have to make sense to anyone except you and the person you're reading for, and if you're reading for yourself, then there's half the battle already!

Here's to a Three of Cups kind of day!

Live Omily,

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