Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eating Omily: Can You Believe it??

It's Spring again!

Yes, the giant rock we're existing on has traveled millions of miles at absurd speeds all the way around the freaking sun AGAIN!

I don't know about you, but that blows me mind every time. Twenty-five Springs later, it's still taking me by surprise.

What greater miracle than the turning wheel of the seasons: the magnolia buds trembling to bloom one day, and wide open singing to the sun the next. The crocuses popping out of every crevice, and then the daffodils smiling grandly behind every fence...I can't say it's my favourite season, because I get this excited about them all, but it does offer the strongest sense of pageantry, I think.
And what better day than that first day I saw the magnolias had bloomed to pick up a pear and a raspberry danish and sit down in the sunshine amid the bustle of Union Square park?
Thank you, Bread Alone Bakery!

The flowers are quicker on the uptake than the veggies, though. Spinach and salad greens are making their way in, but they're still coming out of greenhouses. Asparagus will be the opening bell on the preserving season in a month or so, and I can't wait! This year I'm going to have to partner up if I'm going to get it all done without getting too burned out. I missed the window for marmalade and will have to cheat and do it in the Spring if I want to avoid an insurrection around here.

Of course, the reminders of how worthwhile the effort is pop up daily! Quinoa with lots of chopped pickles is a delicious dinner in a pinch, especially along side a baked sweet potato. The kicky vinegar from the pickled chili peppers breathes new life into my favourite cabbage salad. A couple handfuls of frozen greenbeans provide vegetal nutrition when I can't make it out to the Farmer's Market. The canned tomatoes are absolutely worth their weight in gold, or maybe platinum; they aint just for pasta sauce...but more on that next week.

These heralds of Spring, and preserving work to come, is also the warning that now's the time to clear out my cupbards to make room for the new! There will be a lot of zuchinni muffins to come, and dried green beans will be a permanent staple in the brown rice. All my lucky friends with Spring Birthdays will get jars of treats to herald their special day. I'm not worried about the tomatoes. We'll use every one of those. I can finally feel comfortable cracking open a jar of dills just to snack on them straight out the jar! My favourite fridge nibble...the seasons of plenty and lean come and go, but always we feel blessed.
Enjoy the Spring! Eat salads with goat cheese and nuts...



  1. What an inspiring and dare I say brilliant and humorous expression of your passion for spring, food and preserving! I will definitely try and salad with goat cheese and nuts!

    Thanks for keeping this blog going. I am really enjoying it.


  2. Have you guys gone to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden yet?

    Nice post too :)

  3. We went last year for the Cherry Blossom Festival, which turned out to be not the best time; it was a madhouse! We'd love to go back this year while the flowers are blooming, though!

    Thanks for the love, guys!