Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is my life. Seriously.

Ok, the good news is, I'm blogging because it's time to.

The bad news is, all I really have to share is that I'm sick, and Planet Earth (the TV series I got on dvd several Christmases ago) is awesome. Between my birthday and my unexpected bug, I haven't been to the Farmer's Market, and I can't concentrate long enough on my tarot journal to get a lot of fresh insights out of that. Haha, I've just been layering up and taking naps like an extra pathetic hibernating bear...
(Assuming the bear had a bad cough that woke it up every couple hours.)

Oh! I can share with you an amazing experience I had Reiki-ing myself the night of the 13th, when I first started to feel sick. My throat was just getting more and more raw as the day went on, and by the time I met by husband to shop for a birthday present, I could tell I had a fever, so as soon as we got home, I changed into extra cozy pj's and went to bed, and gave myself a marathon Reiki session.

Since I hadn't yet meditated for the day, I decided to try to kill two birds with one stone. Rebecca, my Reiki practitioner and Attuner has always said that during Reiki it's important to focus on the breath, and be prsent to the proccess. I am the queen of letting my mind wander into all kinds of ridiculous tangents. I am NOT good at focusing on one task at a time, and being fully present to it. I've gotten, I hope, slightly better, now that I'm halfway through the meditation challenge, and this time I was choosing to meditate while giving myself Reiki, so being present to my breath and any sensations that came up was part of the package.

I've had a few hazy experiences of animal spirits, or human spirits coming into the space to offer healing and protection or advice during Reiki sessions, but it's never been particularly clear, and I've never been totally certain I wasn't sort of imagining things. I followed Rebecca's advice on that one, and didn't question which was the case, but just trusted my intuition.

Shortly after I started Reiki-ing my throat and crown chakras, I got a very sharp, distinct image of a giraffe wearing a turquoise scarf. I was really excited, and wanted to ask the giraffe why it was there, but that just startled the giraffe off. I went back to patiently breathing, and feeling the Reiki move through my body. The giraffe came back after a few moments, and this time, I felt it suggesting that I use a turquoise scarf to promote healing to my throat. I had my husband fetch a silk turquoise remnant I have from hemming a skirt (yes, he thought I was bonkers when I explained why I needed it...), and layed it gently over my throat. The effects of soothing and comfort were immediate. What a relief!
Later on, I felt a little hermit crab approach. It went right into my throat, and started scratching with its legs at the tender spot in the back of my throat. I told the husband what was happening, and he told me to tell it to go away. "No!" I said, "It's helping!" It took a little time for the message to get through: aside from offering some special hermit crab healing, this little guy wanted me to gargle with salt water, to soothe and moisten my throat, and promote healing. I've been doing that a few times a day ever since, and it is so helpful!
I think it's just as helpful as the creepy numbing throat spray I only use before bed because even though I'm spraying my THROAT with it, the bottle insists that I let it remain on the sore spot for fifteen seconds, and then spit it back out. This is clearly impossible. So I swallow it.

Those two were the only visitors I was aware of, but the whole time, I could really feel the Reiki energy pouring into my body, traveling all the way down from my Crown chakra, and swirling around my swollen, achey throat chakra.

The next morning, I felt so much better, I pronounced myself healed! I took it easy just in case, doing minimal housecleaning, and then threw on my outfit for our Valentine's Day dinner at the Grand Central Oyster Bar. Even as I put my coat on, I could feel myself getting worse again, but I didn't want to cancel the reservation so late in the game! After all, it's not too taxing to sit and eat a delicious dinner, right?
Dinner was amazing: the Chef's selection of oysters (The most humane meat source, if you ask me! These guys live nearly their whole lives in their wild ocean home, then are scooped up, kept cold and sleepy until they get to their restaurant, are put back in cold fresh water to allow them to purge out any yuckiness, and then in one swift second, they are killed, and served. Yes, raw, don't be such a baby! Basically 0 suffering.) The husband had a couple of beers, and I ordered a glass of Bailey's to fortify my decaf coffee with, which really helped my throat, as well as lasting me straight through dessert! Our main courses of tuna steak with an espresso-hot pepper sauce, and mahimahi crusted with wild mushrooms, served with truffled mashed potatoes and burr blanc were unbelievable. We choose the chocolate mousse for dessert. Very yummy, and very sexy! It successfully fortified me for further Valentine's Day celebrations at home, before, feeling utterly shitty again, I crashed into bed again.

I woke up this morning with my fever back to the high it hit Monday night, and quickly excused myself from work study and proceeded to do nothing all day. If it weren't for the naps and reading, it would have been unbearably boring.

Oh! One more story! Attached to one of our oysters was a little mussel! Skip pulled it off, and I noticed it was still shut up tight; evidence that it was still alive. Because I am not a normal person, I tucked it in my bag, and transferred it to a glass of cold water in the fridge when we got home. I am hopeful it will hang in there until I feel up to taking it to the ocean!

Oh, what a life I lead! Hopefully in a couple days I'll be back with something more logical??

Live Omily,


  1. Dinner at Grand Central Oyster Bar sounds amazing! GC's food selections are so incredible. Sounds like a happy V-day indeed. xo style, she wrote

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