Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Omily Tarot: the Two of Staves

Welcome to the Omily Tarot! It's a weekly series I'm offering of my interpretations of the Waite-Smith tarot deck, based on elements, numerology, and the images themselves. In case you're just now tuning in, we've made it through all the aces. Just click on the 'tarot' label on the right side, right under the archives, and you can get all caught up! When I'm finished interpreting the whole deck (I'm almost done with the Minor Arcana now!) it will be published in zine form, and available for purchase.

We're back around to the Staves again! Perhaps you'll recall that the staves, also known as the wands, the staffs, and in modern parlance, the clubs, are about ambition, passion, and spiritual growth. The ace was all about this pure energy, a flame with the potential to spread without limits! When we move onto the 2's, we move beyond the realm of the purely elemental. Two's are about two things coming together, unions, or, conversely, two things coming apart. One way the step between one and two is described is that the one wanted to appreciate itself so it divided itself into two. This reminds me of God[dess] deciding to create the Universe. The Divine was everything onto Itself, but It chose to create, to become, Other. In our world, the two's often signify making a choice: having two things, and selecting one, leaving behind the other option. In the simplest sense, you can't be both one and two at once: you have to choose.

The 2 of Staves
"The sense of ambition and looking ahead that the staves speak of is perhaps never more apparent than in this card. The man dressed in the passionate color of red holds one stave, and a globe. The second stave is fastened to the tower wall, as though its purpose has been served. It now acts only as a trophy; a hash mark, indicating what has been accomplished.

With this successful new venture begun, the staves appear to blunder into their shadow side here: before allowing the enterprise to come to fruition, this man fastens his clever plan to the wall of his imagination, resting on his laurels. Digging into the rest of the journey doesn’t appeal to this fiery, restless suit. A new stave is chosen, and wider horizons are sought: if the staves have long-term goals, they are symbolized in the man’s gaze toward the horizon, and the globe in his hands: he wants to have it all.

This card can also symbolize finishing one step successfully and moving onto the next, all the while keeping one’s eyes fixed on the goal. There can, of course, be a question here. Pursue the simple plan of before, or, spurred on by confidence, widen your focus? Raising the stakes can mean greater rewards, or losses. Think carefully…"

I hope you're enjoying these tasty forays into the Tarot! Use them as a jumping off place for your own exploration of the cards. What do the images say to you?

Live Omily,

P.S. Oh my gosh, yay, it's snowing!!! Everytime I look out the window it's coming down heavier and heavier, and it's so beautiful! I hope it doesn't get warm and snowy the next two days, so this'll stick around until it snows again! We got really shafted this Winter so far...cross your fingers for me!


  1. I wish it had snowed more, too! I am in serious need of some snow days. xo style, she wrote

  2. I check the forecast every day-50's, 50's, and more 50's!! :-P What happened?? At least I went sledding the ONE day there was enough snow for it! Maybe we'll get lucky and get snowed in in March!