Friday, February 17, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Two of Cups

Woo, so my intention of keeping my Omily Tarot post on the same day is sort of down the tubes as it's been all over the map lately, but that's ok! If you've been waiting, here it is! And this is a good one, too!

If you don't know what the Omily Tarot is, each week, I'm sharing my interpretation (based on elements, numerology, and the imagery of the card itself) of the next card in the deck (I'm going from Minor to Major, from Ace to King, and from Staves, to Cups, to Swords, to Coins). I'm working on smoothing all my interpretations, and then I'm handing the bundle over to my blog/website/identity designer, Skip Dolphin Hursh, to work into a beautiful zine that will be for sale. Yay! So, if you want to get all caught up, just click the 'tarot' label on the right hand side, just below the archives.

We've made it into the twos, which I overviewed last week, and today's card is,

The Two of Cups!
"The 2’s have to do with unions (think partnerships), and here, in the suit of emotions, we see a partnership that could be romantic in nature. Though there is some distance between the two, we are still at the beginning; the man has already begun to close the gap, stepping closer and reaching out his hand. In the language of the tarot, these two represent archetypes, not real and complex people. The masculine figure is active, reaching out, the feminine figure is receptive, holding out her cup and waiting.

It appears she has not yet responded, and since the 2’s are also about choice, the question becomes, what choice will she make? The caduceus spiraling between the cups is the staff of Hermies (the Greek) and Mercury (the Roman) messenger god. These gods also were the patrons of merchants, traders, liars and thieves, and as such, the caduceus represents trade and negotiations, and the values of reciprocity and equal exchange. In the early stages of a relationship, the significance of these ideas is clear. As the two hold their cups close together, they are only at the beginning of a lengthy stage of working out their personal negotiations.

What of the lion’s head found between the wings, which are often found at the top of the caduceus? Perhaps the message is that negotiating how you will give away your heart requires greater courage than mere negotiations over objects. When your emotional life is at stake, garnering equal exchange becomes a matter of life and death! This card could also speak of the difficulty of making any type of emotional choice, particularly toward the beginning of a path. Without knowing the outcome, the obstacles and the assistance that will come up later down the road, one dream, one heart’s desire, must be followed, and the other placed by the wayside."

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Open yourself to a Universe's worth of wisdom! (and trust that, conversely, you will never be shown what you are not meant to know...)

Live Omily,

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