Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Don't Mean to Blag, But...

Lately I've found myself with a big gap in my brain where the endless stream of Blog Material Chatter usually goes. Case in point: I'm a day late with this post, because nothing was occurring to me to write about last night at 12:15, and I opted for meditation and bed instead of agonizing over it, likely my best decision of the day.

So here I am. My English muffin is in the oven because our toaster broke months ago and we're finding we can do just fine without it, and I'm sipping at the silty quarter inch of coffee left in the bottom of the French press (so it's rather an international breakfast, isn't it? I mean the coffee itself is from somewhere else entirely!) And, mmmm, whole wheat English muffin with a smear of peanutbutter and home made rhubarb jam. That's how you start off a morning.

So, what is going on that's arresting all my blogging brain power? I think I just feel like I'm having to do everything lately, and though in general I love being busy and having lots of projects going on, there are inevitably moments of burn-out, and feeling overwhelmed that come along with that territory.

So maybe I could use a break. Even a break from Reiki, meditation, and yoga. Some time to just relax and enjoy myself without there being a higher purpose or sense of piousness attached to it. And now I'm extra excited for the Superbowl party this weekend because it suddenly sounds like just what the doctor ordered...I'm so down for beers, nachos, and epic commercials.

Maybe I'm just channeling this video I saw on the Linkedin Yoga and Meditation discussion board about how when you work with helping people heal and live better lives, you sometimes fall into the trap of pretending like your life is just totally put-together and reflective 24/7. The yogini in that video even confessed to purchasing (and probably consuming(!) CAFO meat! That's pretty scandalous for me! I like to think I'm pretty consistently honest about the fact that I don't have it all together, and each new day is a fresh attempt at Living Omily that's besot with missteps and mistakes all along the way.

And I think that's important. I think there's great value in going, "Listen I don't have shit to talk about so I'm going to tell you about my breakfast!" If only to show (and not tell) that I'm a human, too. Why not breathe a sigh of relief and admit that you spent half the time you invested in that job for work scanning facebook (ok, maybe not to your boss?)? Why not confess that you're passionately in love with bananas and mangos, and local apples can just go eat themselves. Or how about...if you have to post one more petition about saving the (insert vital cause or cute animal here) to facebook, you're going to delete your account and move to the Australian Outback.

Yes! Been there! You wouldn't believe the excuses I make for the stuff I eat for breakfast: "Oh, it's better to eat junk now when I have time to burn off the calories!" "Oh, look, a glass of milk and a piece of fruit! That makes this massive chocolate-chocolate chip muffin a balanced breakfast!" "But it's a MULTIGRAIN waffle!"

Yeah...kudos, guys. I mean, I wake up to an alarm around 10 a.m. and then take like two hours to, you know, start functioning. I don't do an asana practice everyday, and this month is the first time I'll be doing a meditation practice everyday...ever. Yeah, that's right. And I teach this stuff. We're all smeary mirrors, imperfect reflections, of the Divine. Which means the Divine is there. Raise your coffee mug (and I so won't tell if there's Bailey's and/or whiskey in it...) and cheers to that.

Speaking of meditating daily, I've got two posts up on the Meditation Challenge Blog, and there are many other posts by other great bloggers up, too, so you should check them out here. If you click on "Meet the Bloggers" to the right, you can read my posts specifically by clicking on my name: Emily Hursh. (Did you know I had a name? Crazy!) Today is the second, but hey, it's a Leap Year! You've still got four weeks to discover meditation and make it a part of your life. While you're scanning blogs (probably while you're supposed to be doing something else!) why not sign up? Let's do this!
And, reminder: I'll be teaching a playful, uplifting, energizing, and freeing DONATION BASED yoga class at Jaya Yoga East (corner of Fort Hamilton Parkway and East 4th in Windsor Terrace, off the F/G at Fort Hamilton Parkway) tomorrow (Friday the 3rd) at 4:00-5:15! Let's yoga! If you can't make it, mark you calendars for your next opportunity Friday the 17th, same time, same place!

Live Omily,

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