Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me! Here is my Birthday Gift to YOU!

You may wonder where I've been since the...8th I believe it was? I don't blame you! I'm usually such a fiercely disciplined little blogger! I can't stand the thought of a disappointed reader...or worse, a reader who stopped reading because she or he checked back for new content and found none one too many times...

Well, it was quite the weekend! Today is my 25th Birthday, and I spent the weekend going out with my friends and celebrating! I kept meaning to put something up, even just something dumb and funny, like this, but that and tawdry. And so I waited...and chewed my lip...and hoped your patience wasn't wearing thin!

But I'm back now, and I'm back with something awesome, and, I think, worth the wait! And I should know, as I've been waiting a cool four weeks for it...

I've said it so many times before, but perhaps it was never more true than now: I TOLD you 2012 was going to be a Big Year! Tonight, with one hour left of my 25th Birthday, I launch not only a brand new website, beautifully photographed and designed by Skip Dolphin Hursh (you know him as The Husband...), but also, a brand new Omily! I'm not the same as I was: every day I am new. Come with me on my journey of reinvention; let me help you with yours! Check out Everything New and Awesome I'm Doing For You! I'm so excited to share my new (and old) gifts with every beautiful person who would be served by them...but, before I paste that link, let me tell you a little story. Let's go behind the scenes of Omily...

I've spent years sparring with the question of what I want to be, what career path I want to follow, and I've done a lot more blocking and ducking than I have swinging, but I think, finally, with the Advent of 2012, I've found my path.

The recessions has affected many studios near to my heart, and forced me to take a hiatus from teaching for the most part. This intensely frustrating, and discouraging episode has been (of course) a blessing in disguise, allowing me to reevaluate, explore, find myself, and ultimately trust, and leap.

So, I'm a yoga teacher, as always, but I'm so much more, and I'm finally going to own all that I am professionally: I'm a spiritual counselor. (Wait, what?) Just think of it this way: a lot of people aren't comfortable listening to you talk about your spiritual journey, chronic health issues, emotional challenges, psychological blocks, etc. I'm not a doctor, not certified in any way, but I am willing to listen, and I have the tools to help you help yourself.


I offer yoga in studio, private, and work settings,

meditation guidance and instruction,

tarot readings and instruction,

and Reiki healing

and, because I'm a writer, writing services in conjunction with or separate from my other pursuits. I'm diving into my two books, and am beginning to see a timeline for their completion and publication (but of course, the Universe may have other plans...)

I'll also be having my first aerial performance ever in late April, and details as to date and time will definitely be forth-coming!

I can see potential extensions and additions to my services in the future, but time will tell if they'll manifest, or not. Please check out My All-New Website, and it would mean so much to me if you would share it with your friends and family, anyone who you think could be served by my offerings. I'd love to field your questions about what I offer (and what I don't). While these services are new, I am offering deals for new clients, and a super-beneficial referral system! Check back regularly in the coming weeks, as there will be some clean-up and edits to come...

You may also enjoy following my on Pinterest! Unlike facebook and Twitter, where 99.9% of my updates are just informing you of a blog update, I'm curating an amazing universe of All Things Omily, and having tons of fun doing it!

Thank you for your patience, your joy, your eyeballs on my blog long enough to read my epic posts! You are why I love my doing this.

Live Omily,

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